Great Significance of Establishment of National Level Xi’an Airport Economic Demonstration Zone

Recently, China’s National Development and Reform Commission and Civil Aviation Administration of China gave the official reply on approving the establishment of Xi’an Airport Economic Demonstration Zone (XAEDZ), such an zone approved by the Chinese authority after the ones established in Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hongqiao of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Guiyang and Hangzhou respectively. The establishment marks another platform in Shaanxi Province of reform at national level, which bears great significance to the development of “Pivotal Economy, Portal Economy and Mobile Economy”, advancement of building of Xi’an international aviation hub and the building of Xi’an Airport the new portal of Xi’an.

XAEDZ will further highlight the existing advantages

“The approval of the establishment of XAEDZ was mainly attributed to the various outstanding advantages of Xi’an,” said Ai Chen, Deputy Director of Administrative Commission and Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Airport New City of Xixian New District. He also said that with the increasingly intensive focus of national strategies on Xi’an, the city has not only become an important node city in the Belt and Road Initiative but also undertaken the pilot, demonstration task for some 20 projects at “national level” which cover innovative reform, cross-border trade, e-commerce, new energy automobile, new generation of Internet technology. 

In addition, Xi’an also serves as the important hub connecting Asia and Europe, east and west, north and south of China, and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is the second largest portal hub airport in North China, with a two hour flight accessible to 70% of the total territory and 85% of the total economic resources available of the country, providing an advantageous condition in accessibility. The airport-based economy that has grown up to a scale has become the important foundation for the establishment of XAEDZ, which has so far attracted 66 logistics businesses from home and abroad to settle, and other big projects including Safran Undercarriage Maintenance, Meili Omni-Honesty Animal Health. The CBD of airlines has attracted 13 airliners to stay; projects including Cronda APU Maintenance, OK Air Operation Base have been received into the zone; maintenance of hydraulic and motor components and accessories, Mapletree Xi’an Logistics Park are now in construction, and a total industrial chain of airport economy has been formed. 

According to Ai Chen, based on the advantages of Xi’an for developing airport economy and the establishment of XAEDZ, the authorities of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City are provided with new opportunity for implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative”, with the role of passageway and hub of the region as a whole reinforced. “The establishment of XAEDZ will promote the in-depth participation of Shaanxi Province in the global division of industries and accelerate the building of opening up of Shaanxi to the world,” said Ai Chen, who also said that the establishment of the zone will further attract the airport economy to develop toward the gathering of high-end elements, to promote the airport-based modern service system and airport-based advanced manufacturing as well as the building of pilot zone of new system of opening up in Xixian New District and the building of Xi’an into the economic center with trillion yuan of output value.

XAEDZ will reinforce the role of international aviation hub and integration of airport industrial factors

Aiming at expediting the building of international airport hub, Xi’an Airport Economic Demonstration Zone will further reinforce the role of Xi’an international airport hub. According to Ai Chen, the zone will further integrate and magnify the multiple advantages of “airport+ free trade+ tariff free” to promote the “interaction of three ports”, namely, airport, land port and high-speed train port and to increase the capacity of resource distribution in China and even in the world by enhanced hub status of the zone. 

“As the major battlefield of ‘Pivotal Economy, Portal Economy and Mobile Economy’ of Shaanxi Province, XAEDZ will expedite the building of core zone of airport new city,” said Ai Chen, adding that with the advantage in scale of flows of people, goods, capital and information the airport economy will further advance the gathering of high-end productive factors to the airport new city with quantity of flow energy and materials increased, providing new driving force for the development of “Pivotal Economy, Portal Economy and Mobile Economy”.

In the official reply by the national authority, “promotion of military and civil integration” is referred to for the first time, which, according to Ai Chen, is also a mission for XAEDZ to explore the new path for airport economy development. The airport zone will expedite the integration of aviation industry in the region and promote military and civil integration. It is also conducive to increasing the convergence to the airport new city of nearly one forth of the forces of research and production in aviation industry of China, and to the cluster development of airport aviation industry.

In addition, XAEDZ will provide new direction to the system and mechanism innovation of free trade zone. “It is natural the airport zone takes up the responsibility for system and mechanism innovation and its lessons and experience will be learned and copied to other areas,” said Ai Chen. He also said that XAEDZ will also be good for the airport new city to apply for the implementation of relevant policies of the country, which will make the zone the leader of making innovation in system and mechanism.

The airport demonstration zone will greatly expedite the building of the airport new city as the new portal of Xi’an. Ai Chen pointed out that the zone will promote the gathering of airport-oriented industries and relevant talent, capital, technology and other factors for development to provide driving force for the building of model of integration of city and industry of the airport new city. It will also provide support to supportive high-end service industries such as cultural and creative industry, headquarter economy, convention and exhibition, finance, so as to increase the pace of building the portal city of Great Xi’an.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]