A Bite of Shaanxi Experienced at Tang West Market, Muslim Quarter and Yongxingfang of Xi’an

“Silk Road Shaanxi Cuisine International Food Festival”— the first promotion campaign of Shaanxi cuisine was held in Gold Market Plaza of Tang West Market on May 6. Sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and organized by Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shaanxi Provincial Chamber of Commerce for Catering Industry, the festival was themed on “resource of Chinese cuisine and capital of international delicacies” and aimed at carrying forward the Shaanxi cuisine cultures, exhibiting brands of Shaanxi cuisine, conducting cooperation and exchanges, with a view to presenting image of Shaanxi and promoting the building of Xi’an into the “capital of international delicacies”.

Oriented to market demand, focused on reform of supply side, aiming at increase domestic demand, the event made efforts to promote the building of Shaanxi cuisine brands to highlight Xi’an as the “capital of international delicacies” and to boost the cultural prosperity and commercial and trade development of Shaanxi. The event also tried to create a standard system for Shaanxi cuisine, which includes management and service standards based on the existing quality requirement of Shaanxi cuisines so as to form a system of multiple levels covering the entire industry and individual enterprises that will help the groundwork of the industrialization, popularity and “Going Global” ambition of Shaanxi cuisine. With special exhibition, cultural show and other entertaining performances, the event has enabled visitors and representatives of the Silk Road Exhibition to experience and appreciate the flavors and essences of foods of Silk Road.

Covering the activities of “three exhibitions and one seminar”, the festival is the first promotion activity of Shaanxi cuisine brands on the platform of the Silk Road International Expo and the first program of the Third Silk Road International Expo.

The “three exhibitions” are: Tang West Market - Silk Road Flavor Foods Exhibition, Yongxingfang Food Street, Xi’an - Intangible Heritage Cultural Food Exhibition, Muslim Quarter, Xi’an - Ethnic Featured Food Exhibition. Opening on May 6 and closing on May 15, over the 10 days of exhibition, visitors will be provided with knowledge and service of Silk Road foods in the three pavilions of different features where special foods from Shaanxi, China and other countries are on show. The “one seminar” is the Seminar on Development of Silk Road Shaanxi Cuisine, which will be held on May 12 at the Golden Hall of Tang West Market and aims to conduct publicity of Shaanxi cuisine cultures, promote the “Going Global” of Shaanxi cuisine, advance domestic and international exchanges and cooperation and reinforce the building of Xi’an into an international metropolis, by means of the academic discussion, exchanges of catering businesses and appreciation of classic Shaanxi cuisine courses. 

Following the green health nourishment philosophy and carrying forward the traditional excellent Shaanxi cuisine, the festival gathers various snacks of local flavors, and other different delicacies of renowned businesses of various places, focusing on local well-known catering enterprises, to attract the attention of the consumers. A variety of cultural demonstration of Shaanxi cuisine will be conducted, including the launch of “China’s Shaanxi Cuisine Map Application”, release of annual report of Shaanxi catering industry development, visit by representatives from inside and outside of Shaanxi to renowned Shaanxi cuisine businesses and featured food streets coinciding with the “13th China International Group Catering Industry Convention” sponsored by China Cuisine Association, with a view to jointly promoting the development of Shaanxi catering industry.