Style of Japan Painting Exhibition of Hokkaido Launched with Flower of China-Japan Friendship Blooming in Xi’an


In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of signing China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty and China-Japan Long-Term Trade Agreement, “Style of Japan—China-Japan Friendship Fine Arts Exhibition” was held on May 2 at Lansead Culture and Arts Center in TusPark of Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone of Xi’an. Present at this event which witnessed the warming relation of the two countries after a short time of worsening were hundreds of local residents, along with personages of fine arts circles of both countries such as Lei Zhenmin, Honorary Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Calligrapher Association, Wang Jiachun, CPC Secretary of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Kawai Hiroshi, Asaji Shinsuke, Chen Xi, representatives of Japan’s Hokkaido Fine Arts Association.

Sponsored by Hokkaido Fine Arts Association which boasts a history of 93 years and organized by Administrative Commission of Xi’an Hi-tech Zone and Lansead Culture and Arts Center, the exhibition displays some 90 works of 24 artists from Hokkaido of Japan, which fall into the categories of Japanese-style painting, oil painting, water color, handicrafts, woodblock and feature the natural landscape of Hokkaido, historic legend, hymn to the universe, fantasy of fairy tales, etc, representing the current artistic strength and level of Hokkaido. The event not only serves as the exchanges between China and Japan in terms of traditional cultures and arts but also shows mutual respect and understanding to the friendship and cultures of the two countries.