Light Show Gala at South Gate of Xi’an City Wall with 1,374 Drones Flying in Sky


“Wow! It is stunning!” The South Gate Etiquette Square burst into ebullition when 1,374 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) took off into the sky simultaneously.

At 8:30pm, the event began with the program of Light Show over Space in which artistes made wonderful performance of song and dance, with famous tunes such as Meeting Spring, Sigh of Departing, Spring Dance, Defend the Yellow River, Silk Road, Give You A Chang’an, Stay True to Your Heart delivered. The programs praised the pace of Great Xi’an in pursuit of better future and expressed the best wishes to the motherland, bringing surprises and affection to local residents and visitors with the impression of “new look of ancient city”.

At 9:10pm, 1,374 drones took off and flew high above the sky at the same time, implying that guided by the “Belt and Road Initiative” proposed in 2013, 74 countries have signed cooperative documents with China for common prosperity; the ancient city wall of Xi’an with a total circumference of 13.74km is the best preserved such wall with the longest history in the world. The combined performance of light, music and UAVs produced a breathtaking effect and made a Guinness World Record on “Simultaneous Performance of UAVs”, which was approved and awarded with the certificate plate on site. For seeing the feast of light and shadow, a large crowd of people thronged to the site from 4 pm yesterday.


[Source:Chinese Business View]