This “Foreign Student” Wishes to Find a Job in Xi’an


Li Bosi, 33-year-old from Iraq is a doctoral candidate in College of Life Science of Shaanxi Normal University. Eight years ago, with the yearning and curiosity for Chinese history and culture, he came to China for further study. Four years ago, he came to Xi’an, an ancient city in his dream, by chance. Short as his stay in Xi’an was, he could not help himself loving the city, which he made the place of first choice for his doctoral candidacy.

Eight years ago, under the auspices of the Iraqi government, Li Bosi came to China for master degree in Huazhong University of Science and Technology based in central China’s Hubei Province on finishing his undergraduate study. If his overseas study in China was a “wonderful accident”, his choice of Xi’an could be said to be a “meeting that should have taken place earlier.”

“I have been told that Xi’an is a very beautiful city, so I have been thinking of a visit there.” In 2014, Li Bosi began his visit to the ancient city at the invitation of friends and was deeply impressed by the rich and profound historical and cultural presence of the city, as well as the characteristics of local people that are consistent with the atmosphere. “Being a traveler to many cities of China with different scenes and people, I was deeply struck by the people in Xi’an. They speak in a language that I cannot understand, but their manners and tones made me feel their friendliness and hospitality,” said Li Bosi.

It was exactly this “short chance meeting” that had Li Bosi in love with Xi’an and he made the city his first choice of location for doctoral degree. In September 2017, he became a doctoral candidate of zoology in College of Life Science of Shaanxi Normal University.

The years in Xi’an witness the change of Li Bosi into an “Old China Hand”, who can speak fluent mandarin and gets the Band-4 certificate of HSK or Chinese language proficiency level. He now is also a foreign son-in-law of China and his wife is a native of East China’s Shandong Province, they have a lovely child.

Having studied for more than half a year, Li Bosi saw his time spent mostly in the lab, focusing on the research of DNA damage of fishes with a view to making contribution to environment protection. When talking about his future, Li Bosi showed the family picture saved in his mobile phone and said, “I do love China and Xi’an in particular. I am much grateful for the life I now enjoy and I will work hard on my study. I wish I can find a job here in Xi’an so that my family can stay with me.”


[Source:Xi’an Evening News ]