First Step of Shaanxi Foods Going Global--Xi’an Roujiamo Settled in the UK

The agreement signing ceremony of cooperation with the Europe through the UK on “Xi’an Roujiamo”, a burger-like local food of China’s Shaanxi Province, was held in London on February 8. On February 21, the British partner held talks with Shaanxi Koufuda Brand Operation and Management Co. Ltd. in Xi’an to finalize the details on the arrival of the food brand in the UK, including core equipment, workmanship and technology, staff training, shop site and layout, market positioning, management model. It marked the initiation of the strategic blueprint of “Shaanxi Foods Going Global Project”.

The going global campaign for “Xi’an Roujiamo” started from the trial operations in the UK and France, which has witnessed better results than expected and will be promoted to cover Italy, the Netherlands and others countries in Europe as well as Canada and the US.

“In line with the dietary habits of British people, ‘Xi’an Roujiamo’ changes the stuffing from pork to beef and chicken, with other workmanship and technical specification fine tuned,” said Fan Jianguo, CTO of Shaanxi Koufuda Brand Operation and Management Co. Ltd. He also said that since the trial operation in the UK last year, the outcome has been better than expected and 70% of the buyers of the food were the local residents, who fell in love with the Shaanxi food.

On the launching agreement signing ceremony of “Shaanxi Featured Foods Going Global Project” guided by relevant agencies of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Shaanxi enterprises signed framework agreements with operators of four countries, i.e., the UK, Canada, the US and New Zealand. The project has also been incorporated in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Shaanxi Province. The campaign of “Xi’an Roujiamo” going global is the first project of the province to make its local foods incorporated in the world food economy. The project aims to promote and establish fast food chain shops of “Xi’an Roujiamo” in major cities of developed economy and tourist cities around the world, especially such cities in countries along the Silk Road during the period of 2017-2022.

With a history of more than two thousand years, “Xi’an Roujiamo” is the outstanding representative of intangible cultural heritages of Shaanxi Province and the sub-project of the “Shaanxi Featured Foods Going Global Project”. Lian Shouzhu, Chairman of Shaanxi Koufuda Brand Operation and Management Co. Ltd said that the settlement of “Xi’an Roujiamo” in the UK marks the first step of Shaanxi foods out of China and the next step will be increase the efforts to promote the master project. “Learning our lessons and gaining our experiences we will do research on the overseas markets and make objective judgments, but we are all confident about the project and believe Shaanxi foods will be recognized and accepted by the world.”

Wang Jianhua, General Manager of Shaanxi Koufuda (UK) Brand Operation and Management Co. Ltd., said that they will work hard to carry forward and promote “Xi’an Roujiamo” the treasure cataloged in the list of Shaanxi intangible cultural heritages. He also said, “Initiating from the Warring States Period, ‘Xi’an Roujiamo’, without gorgeous look and excellent decoration, has lasted for more than two thousand years and gained the praises of the consumers with its original nature and rich essence, which can be evidenced by some ancient poem. To such a nice delicacy with long history, we are confident it can be served on the dinner table side by side with other popular local foods in the UK such as Welsh rarebit, Wellington Steak and Haggis. We will work hard to intensify management of standardization to ensure safety and quality and to make ‘Xi’an Roujiamo’ a highlight in the dietary culture exchanges between China and the UK.”

The operation of Shaanxi Koufuda (UK) Brand Operation and Management Co. Ltd. is known to run on the multinational model, with a wider territory covered than ever and an initial investment for promotion reaching 955 million yuan, highlighting the brand building, intangible cultural heritage and heavy investment. 

(The article first appears in China Food Newspaper)


[Source:Xi’an Daily ]