Chinese and Foreign Scholars Discussed the Silk Road in Xi’an

In response to the “Belt and Road Initiative” and with a view to promoting the academic exchanges among countries along the Silk Road and supporting the “Double First-Class” building, the high-end social and cultural academic forum entitled “Silk Road: Collision of History - Past and Present” which is jointly sponsored by Foreign Languages College of Shaanxi Normal University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistani Academy of Sciences, and Italy’s Pontificia Università Gregoriana (University of Gregory) was held at the Yanta Campus of Shaanxi Normal University this morning.

A number of renowned experts and scholars gathered in Xi’an for discussing the cultural development of the Silk Road at the forum, including Wang Ning, President of Humanity and Arts Research Institute under Shanghai Jiaotong University and Special Term Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of China’s Ministry of Education; Shuhrat Muhamedov, Vice President of History Institute of Uzbekistani Academy of Sciences; Dong Hongchuan, Vice President of Sichuan International Studies University and Vice President of Translators Association of China; Bazarov, Director of Tibetology Manuscript Department of Tibetology and Mongolian Studies Institute under Russian Academy of Sciences; Dmitriev, Professor of Silk Road studies of Orientalism Institute under Russian Academy of Sciences; Luo Gongliang, President of Foreign Languages College of Central China Normal University and Deputy Chief Editor of Foreign Literature Review; Monica Romano, a renowned sinologist at University of Gregory, etc.

The event is a small-scale and high-end serial forum, consisting of a number of sub-forums that are to be held in China, Uzbekistan, Russia and Italy respectively. Aiming to make the world know about the world dialogues and exchanges that cross time and space, and to build the mechanism for the colleges and research institutions along the Silk Road to have academic exchanges, the forum invited scholars and experts with attainments in linguistics, archaeology, culturology, history and arts.

In the address to the opening ceremony, the leader of Shaanxi Normal University said that the present age is a globalized time which requires the academic research has to be placed in the global context, that the forum is the result of the historic demand, that as experiences of others can be used for our own benefits and the academic conditions and environment in China keep being optimized it is very necessary to know comprehensively about the achievements made in social and cultural fields in countries along the Silk Road so as to promote the competition, dialogue and cooperation at home and abroad, that this forum has been attended by a number of renowned scholars who he hoped can fully express their academic views to promote the academic exchanges in the countries along the Silk Road.

Scholars present at the conference all agreed that as the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an is of special significance to hold such a meeting which will greatly promote the academic exchanges in the countries along the Silk Road.