3 Foreign Flight Captains Narrating Life in Xixian New Area in Video of the Information Office of the State Council

The serial short videos “China Symbols• Enjoy Life in China” released recently by the Information Office of the State Council of China contain an episode titled “Air Envoy of the ‘Belt and Road’” which was shot at Xixian New Area of Xi’an and in which three foreign flight captains living in the Airport New City of Xixian New Area narrate the comfortable and convenient life there that reflects the accomplishments made in the development of Xixian New Area, the new center of Great Xi’an.

According to the video, Han Ho Myung and Rim Weon Jae from South Korea and Ma Nuoshen from Russia went to China for work and served as foreign flight captains with Air Changan. The ancient city Xi’an with long history has created its own new district due to fast urbanization, the three people all live in Xixian New Area, the new center of Great Xi’an, where transportation is so convenient, environment so beautiful and living facility so complete that they all desire to settle down there.

What made up their minds to settle down there also includes the supporting facilities available, which cover many large supermarkets and fitness centers, and the internationalized Outlets Shopping Mall and the supermarkets of the airport bonded area make products from all over the world easily accessible to facilitate the life of expatriates.

Another factor is the opening future of the development. The new operation base of Air Changan is situated in the Airport New City of Xixian New Area that will help boost the takeoff of the aviation industry of Great Xi’an. In the context of two-way selection of international advantageous resources, the three foreign flight captains with rich experience all believed that China is now leading the hardware facility and safety, that small as it is Air Changan is growing fast, and that to work for the company enable them to gain more opportunities and more experience. 

In recent years, Xixian New Area has made intensive efforts to build the best environment for business and living and the best ecological environment in Great Xi’an based on green environment, with much progress made on education, health, public transport, and other basic needs of life. 12 schools have been established in the District, and another 25 schools will be built; medical institution projects such as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Chongwen International Hospital, Shaanxi Charity General Hospital are now in progress; 7 regular bus lines, 10 customized shuttle bus lines have been opened, with “online reservation and fast and direct arrival” service of customized bus offered; three stations of Phase 2 of Metro Line 1 have been substantially completed; Phase 2 of Metro Line 5 will be put into operation in 2020.