"waiters" of Xi'an Praised by Visitors at Home and Abroad for Warm and Considerate Service


American visitor Jim offers a gift banner to Xi’an Tourist Information Center
(Picture provided by Xi’an Tourist Information Center)

Spearheading Three Major Revolutions to raise effectiveness

Xi’an, the ancient capital of China, boasts unrivalled tourism resources and has been upgrading its impression on the public since the “three major revolutions”, with the cleaner and tidier environment, better regulated social order, and increasingly closer and more considerate “waiter-style” service making the visit to the city warmer, more comfy, unforgettable.

At Xi’an Tourist Information Center, there are visitors from all over the world seeking helps every day. As a window facing domestic and international visitors, the Center has won their compliments with the working style of “five-star grade waiter” and considerate service aiming to solve all sorts of problems.

Helping visitors solve the communication problem

Language barrier is the biggest difficulty for many foreign visitors. At the near closing hour in the afternoon on April 10, a US tourist named Jim came to the information window of Tourist Service Center of Xi’an Railway Station Administrative Commission, telling with anxiety the problems he met during his ride on the 915th Route Bus to visit the site of Terra Cotta Warriors. On learning the situation, Zhang Xing, the director on duty of the Tourist Service Center, decided to escort Jim to the bus stop for further information. After site communication, the driver of the bus returned the extra charge to Jim and both sides dispelled the misunderstanding.

Jim said that it was the third time for him to be in Xi’an and the experience had made him more positive about the City! On April 12, following the customs of Chinese people, Jim sent a gift banner to the center to express his gratitude and commendation to the local government and the people.

Meeting crying needs of tourists

During the Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday, on the crowded cyclic square of Xi’an Railway Station, a visiting Swedish couple found it hard to get themselves understood owing to language barrier and sought help from the security guards on the site. Then they were taken to the Office of Xi’an Tourist Information Center in Xi’an Railway Station, where workers not only helped them mark the destination on the map but also took them to the bus stop that leads to the destination, and even told the driver to take special care of the two foreigners. 

It is a very serious matter if a member loses his way and the contact with his team in a foreign country. Recently, a French visitor who lost contact with his tourist team went to Xi’an Tourist Information Center for help under the guidance of special police officers. With exhaustive ways, the worker of the Center tried to find out the hotel and the tour guide of the visitor. On knowing the tour group was on the way to the airport, the worker even helped the visitor hail a taxi to join his team. The French visitor was so happy when rejoining his group that he took a photo with the helper.  

On the message book of Xi’an Tourist Information Center, visitors from all over the world have left their impression of Xi’an and their comments on the “waiters” of Xi’an tourism. In the message, Cécile, a French visitor wrote, “My inquiry at Xi’an Tourist Information Center has been provided with clear, accurate and perfect reply, thank you for your help making my trip to Xi’an more comfortable and I wish you better performance in the work!”

Workers of Xi’an Tourist Information Center said that they all hope to have every visitor to Xi’an feel the hospitality of the City with their close and considerate service and that their service can make them have a nice stay and a strong desire to return.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]