“Xi’an City Wall International Marathon” Advertised at New York Times Square as an Invitation to the World


The advertisement of Xi’an City Wall International Marathon is broadcast for 3 days in a row on a large-size screen at Times Square, New York

As the “crossroad of the world”, Times Square in New York witnessed the continuous play of the advertisement of Xi’an City Wall International Marathon from March 30 to April 1. Being the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an extended its sincere invitation to the world with this unique brand sport competition, which will see 5,000 runners from home and abroad to run on the ancient city wall with their soles in close contact with the history, traveling through the ancient capital city of 13 dynasties over one millennium.

Displayed at “Window of the World” for consecutive three days

As we all know, Times Square is one of the most prosperous streets in Manhattan of New York, attracting about 40 million visitors each year, making it not only the top stage of world business, fashion and cultures, but also one of the “window of the world” whereby world top media outlets such as Reuters release important news. As a business community with world reputation, Time Square gathers nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters, hence has the name of “crossroad of the world”.

On a high-priced land like Times Square, the big screen advertisement used to be monopolized almost by big names of other countries than China. But now a lot of famous businesses of China aim their eyes at the Square, in the hope of increasing their influence through the “window of the world”. From March 30 to April 1, the ad video of the City Wall Marathon that is unique in the world and belongs to Xi’an only was broadcast on the giant screen of Times Square, in 38 shows per day for 3 days, with duration of 3 seconds for each show. The video, with the “Chinese Red” as the background, highlighted the big words of “2018 Xi’an City Wall International Marathon”, attracting the attention from visitors.

Internet users give likes to innovation

The news that Xi’an City Wall International Marathon was advertised in Times Square was spread within the fans of running of Xi’an, with relevant news shared in popular social media. Some internet users made comment on the forwarded news that it is very appropriate for Xi’an, with its more and more “international style”, to issue the invitation to the world to visit this city that combines ancient history and modern fashion.

As the only marathon competition in the world that makes the complete city wall the venue, Xi’an City Wall International Marathon was initiated in 1993 and has become not only a sport game, but also a bridge that connects the city to the rest of the world and a “golden calling card” the city presents to the world. Speaking of the ad in Times Square, Feng Yanyang, Chief of the Sports Bureau of Xi’an shared the story behind the scene. “In March this year, the leader of Beijing Hormone Sports and Culture Development visited Xi’an and held talks with us, telling that they have good business relations with the operator of the electronic screen of Nasdaq of Times Square in New York and that we can take advantage of the facility for publicizing the sports events of Xi’an. We immediately put forward our opinion of broadcasting the Xi’an City Wall International Marathon on that giant screen there. After that, with the data provided by us, and the planning and arrangement of the company, the ad video was broadcast for 114 times in 3 days free of charge.”

The upgraded “City Wall Marathon” is welcoming runners

This is a brand-new and successful trial. In fact, since 2016, the event has undergone a leap-forward overall upgrade, which with the theme of “space and time travel to meet city wall”, integrates the history, culture, custom of the 13 dynasties in which Xi’an was made the capital city, presenting the runners a “trip of time-travel” in the form of marathon race. In this year’s version, the event will be upgraded again in a number of aspects, with eligibility of runners to be confirmed by online signing up with signature, and number of runners increased to 5,000. In addition, in combination of the free public day of city wall, 4,000 residents and visitors will also be invited to watch the competition on site and have a free tour of the City Wall.During the event, the organizing committee will arrange demonstration and exhibition of culture and sports with strong Xi’an characteristics, including demonstration of the traditional folk custom, modern culture and sports, traditional sports items, folk arts, etc. In the South Gate Square, a carnival will be hosted. “The event will be positioned as a game of ‘cultural marathon for the public’ in the form of competition + culture, tourism, and science and technology, which consists of two separate parts on and off the city wall. The former will focus on ‘space and time travel to meet city wall’ and the latter ‘catching up and transcending Xi’an is running’. Both parts will integrate the city characteristics with the sports game to create the strong culture and modernity atmosphere,” said Feng Yanyang to the press.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]