Thumb up! Japan Resident Easily Completes Household Registration in Xi’an Thanks to Overseas Influence of Xi’an Attraction


“At first, I would like to say thank you again to Police Officer Hao of Qinling Police Station of Lintong Public Security Bureau because I really do not know what words can express my gratitude and what I can say is that I am very glad to have such conscientious public servant in my home land and that I am very confident about the future of Xi’an!” This is part of the letter of thanks mailed from overseas and written by Ms. Hao Qiao, who is a native of Lintong District of Xi’an City, to Hao Qiong, a police officer of Qinling Police Station of Lintong Public Security Sub-office.

A native of Lintong District of Xi’an City, Ms. Hao Qiao transferred her household registration to Shantou City where she worked at Shantou University on graduation as a postgraduate in 2009. In 2013, she went to study the doctoral degree of behavioral psychology at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, and worked and lived in Japan on graduation in 2016.

As time goes on, her aging parents want her to return to Xi’an for mutual care. But Hao Qiao kept putting off the application of transferring her household registration back to Xi’an, considering that her education background would have better future in Japan and that she had to personally take care of the formality processing due to her migration from outside Shaanxi Province after she had migrated to Shantou for some time, which would cause a lot of troubles by travels between Shaanxi Province and Guangdong Province, where Shantou is located.


In 2018, learning by chance from the social media of a relative back in China that the reform of household registration in Xi’an has streamlined the complicated formality, Ms. Hao Qiao then asked her parents to make a tentative inquiry at Qinling Police Station of Lintong Police Security Sub-office.

On knowing the whole matter, Hao Qiong, the police officer in charge of household registration, added Ms. Hao Qiao to her circle of friends in social media to give her detailed explanation on the new administrative policy of household registration of Xi’an City and to recommend her to use the cell phone application for the formality processing concerned, considering that parents of Ms. Hao Qiao were at such old ages that might have caused unclear accounting.

Knowing in their communication that Ms. Hao Qiao could not register an account with the cell phone application because she did not have a Chinese cell phone number and that it would take high expense of air travel and long time of leave for her to complete the transfer of household registration in Shantou, Police Officer Hao Qiong immediately promised to help her to register with related information transferred through social media and to contact her former classmates in Shantou for the necessary documents.

On March 13, when knowing the permit for transfer has been mailed to the classmate of Police Officer Hao Qiong in Shantou, Ms. Hao Qiao wrote a letter of thanks to Police Officer Hao Qiong that very night and mailed it to China from Japan the next day. And the day before yesterday (March 26), the household registration formality of Ms. Hao Qiao was completed smoothly and she became once again the resident of Xi’an.