3rd Silk Road International Expo to Be Held on May 11-15 in Xi’an


On the afternoon of March 28, the press conference of the 3rd Silk Road International Exposition and the Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China (“SRIE” for short) was held in Xi’an. Li Jianyi, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the 3rd SRIE and Director of Convention and Exhibition Center of Shaanxi Province, briefed on the 3rd SRIE that is to be held on May 11 in Xi’an and took questions from press.

According to Li Jianyi, since its inception, SRIE has become an increasingly important platform for countries and regions that are involved in the “Belt and Road Initiative” for governmental dialogue, business cooperation, people-to-people exchanges, interaction of sister cities. With “New Era, New Pattern, New Development” as the theme, the 3rd SRIE will make the United Kingdom and Malaysia as the countries of honor, Guizhou Province and Tianjin City as the province (city) of honor, Yan’an City of Shaanxi Province as city of theme. So far, 39 conferences and programs falling under 6 categories have been planned, as well as a series of activities covering culture, tourism, artistic performance and foods.

International, professional and branded specialized exhibitions will be held based on industries

The current SRIE will provide 1 comprehensive pavilion and 5 specialized pavilions, which are classified in accordance with industries to meet the needs of market to achieve the maximum economic and trade cooperation and exchanges from the specialized exhibition crossing countries, regions and cities, instead of arranging the pavilions based on geographical identity of exhibitors, marking a shift of model to international, professional and branded exhibition from a general exhibition.

Pavilion of Cooperation and Exchanges is located in Hall A of Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center. No.1 Pavilion of Industry is located at Hall B1 of Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center, where the latest technology and products of avionic technology and equipment, satellite navigation and Beidou navigation system, aviation precision manufacturing and equipment, etc will be displayed.No. 2 Pavilion of Industry is located at Hall B2 of Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center, where the latest technology, products and achievements of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot, artificial intelligence, high-grade numerically-controlled machine tool, rail transport, laser products, high-end equipment will be on show.No. 3 Pavilion of Industry is located at Hall B3 of Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center, where energy-efficient technology and technology and products of environment protection will be exhibited. No. 4 of Pavilion of Industry is located at Hall B4 of Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center, where latest cutting-edge technology and products of new materials, the fifth generation of mobile telecommunication technology, biotechnology will be exhibited. Pavilion of featured products is located in Halls No. 1-4 of Xi’an Greenland PICO International Convention and Exhibition Center, where products of geographical indication of countries and regions along the Silk Road, provinces of China, cities and counties of Shaanxi Province will be on show and sale.

Four characteristics, three benefits and preview of highlights of Pavilions of Industry

Li Jianyi said that there will be four characteristics of this year’s SRIE. First, the event has received the attention of leadership at all levels, which will be the practice and implementation of Xi Jinping New Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, as well as of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China. Second, SRIE has been changed from on yearly basis to on edition basis, which embodies the international vision, wide field of vision, the confidence and determination of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Shaanxi Provincial Government to build SRIE into a brand event with international influence. Third, pavilions of this year’s SRIE will be divided by industries. Fourth, “exhibition” and “sale” will be continued to offer targeted services to trade visitors and general consumers.

“The advantageous industries of Shaanxi will be given a full display,” said Li Jianyi, who believed that this will be the first benefit of the current SRIE, adding that the industries exhibited will be able to gather the whole industrial chain to Shaanxi. Li also said that there will be 39 sessions of conference arranged in the SRIE. “We hope the wise or successful people could bring their wisdom and experience to the venue and share with more people so that the power of thoughts and wisdom could be presented and distributed through SRIE,” said he.

Li also disclosed that the four pavilions of industry will be classified into space technology, machinery manufacturing, environment protection and development and information technology, with leading companies and Fortune Global 500 to be present, as well as innovative unicorn businesses. Some very new products of “black technology” under the category of “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” are very interesting, according to him.