Unveiling Ceremony of Nigeria’s Cross River State Business Center in Shaanxi Held in Xi’an

On March 24, the unveiling ceremony of Nigeria’s Cross River State Business Center in Shaanxi was held in Xi’an, which was attended and addressed by Benedict Ayade, Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria and Wei Zengjun, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province.

Wei Zengjun said that as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, endowed with long history and cultures, abundant energy and resource, good foundation of industry, tremendous strength in science and education, advantageous geographical location, Shaanxi plays a very important role in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, that Cross River State is rich in mining, agriculture and tourism. The opening of Shaanxi Business Center of Cross River State will further promote the bilateral exchanges and cooperation in economic and trade, culture, tourism and play an important role in deepening good relationship of both sides. Both sides should strength exchanges by giving full play of the business center to promote the closer ties for better common future.

Benedict Ayade said that the exchanges and interaction of Shaanxi and Cross River State have deepened the foundation of cooperation of both sides. He hopes to extend the scope of cooperation and have deep and pragmatic collaboration with Shaanxi Province in infrastructure, mineral exploitation and deep processing, agricultural technology exchanges, cultivation of technological talents, etc.

Before the unveiling ceremony, Vice Governor Wei Zengjun met Governor Benedict Ayade and his fellow travelers.

[Source:Shaanxi Daily]