An International Student of Xi’an Jiaotong University Loves Shaanxi Dialect, Local Noodle and Permanent Stay


“I am a native of Shaanxi, can’t you see that?” responded Luo Fei, a 21-year-old international student in Shaanxi dialect to the kidding question from a waitress, and he also added, “my favorite food is noodle,” which caused a house of laugh in the noodle shop. This is Luo Fei, who is from Barbados, a very distant country from China, and who falls in love with China in his only two years of stay in Xi’an. He said, “people of Xi’an are so nice to me that I want to stay here for my whole life.”

The homeland of Luo Fei is an island country in Caribbean and the hospitable customs there has made him a cheerful and optimistic person. He loves Chinese cultures due to his father. As he recalled, his father was a fan of Kung Fu movies made in Hong Kong, which made him a “fan of China” ultimately. “All the scenes in the movies are so novel and totally different from those in my country,” said Luo Fei, who was also fascinated by the delicious foods, traditional architectures and chivalrous spirit presented in the movies. He then decided to go to China and to experience the mysterious country.

In 2016, luck befell on Luo Fei when he applied for the international student candidacy and was admitted by Xi’an Jiaotong University after many efforts. On receiving the letter of admission, he could not sleep for the whole night because his heart had flown to China that is ten thousand miles away. In his later years of living in Xi’an, he couldn’t help himself loving deeply this city. The high-rise buildings, the ancient buildings, the time-honored history and culture of Xi’an have all impressed him, as well as the convenient and modernized services available in the city which opened the eyes of this foreign young man. “Simply by scanning QR codes, you are able to make payments, order takeaway foods, purchase online with Taobao, Alipay, Meituan and other e-services. What is more, you can take a subway ride by using Alipay app on your smart phone, it is so convenient!” said Luo Fei, who is also a lover of sharing bike service that can help take him to deeply explore Xi’an and the local foods.

“During my two years of stay here, I fall in love with Chinese cuisine and know how to cook some Chinese foods, such as fried eggs with tomatoes, boiled sliced meat…”, said Luo Fei, who like many of his peers in China enjoys using Weibo and WeChat, both being the hot social media of the country, reading articles of Chinese history and cultures. With increase of proficiency of Chinese language, he even began to learn Shaanxi dialect. “I used to be so shy and did not dare to speak Chinese even after entering the shop for 10 minutes when ordering food, and had to leave without any food, but now I can feel free to enter any restaurant.” Each time when a waitress asks him whether he likes rice or noodles, he pretends to be angry and says, “noodles, of course, I am a native of Shaanxi, can’t you see that?” At the end of the interview, Luo Fei said that people of Xi’an are very friendly to foreigners, and that he is very happy because “I will never forget for my life all those treasures!”

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]