Xi’an Complex of an International Student from Zambia


Stalin (right) performs Chinese cross talk with his partner.

Stalin, a 23-year-old international student from Zambia, falls in love with Xi’an with the four years of study in this city. “I have been to many cities in China, but I don’t think they are as good as Xi’an. The long history and modern civilization of Xi’an fascinate me so much,” said he.

He came a long way to Xi’an in 2014 to study flight vehicle design and engineering at Northwestern Polytechnical University. He enjoyed searching the root of Chinese cultures by roaming the city in his spare time. “As an ancient capital city of 13 dynasties, Xi’an has too many scenic spots worth visiting, especially Terra Cotta Warriors and the City Wall. I worked as a volunteer for the Xi’an City Wall and received a credential of best volunteer,” said Stalin.

What impresses Stalin most is that the public facilities of Xi’an have been made better over the last two years. “The intervals for public bus are shortened, more chairs are provided in the streets, and the public toilets are cleaner. The development of Xi’an is fast, which amazes me so much. Many places were empty a couple of months ago but new high-rise buildings have been built there next time I saw them, it is really amazing,” said he.  

Stalin is fond of cross talk, one of the Chinese traditional folk art forms. He said, “When I first came to Xi’an, I tried to find the art form that could help me better understand Chinese cultures. My teacher at college told me that there is a form called cross talk which can serve this purpose. Then I couldn’t wait to search online the videos of cross talk and sincerely requested Zhao Jianming, a famous cross talk performer in Shaanxi to be my teacher. After my learning, I know a lot of small details of Chinese cultures and what Chinese humor is. I also learn a lot of synonyms and slangs, with a strong sense of gain.”

In the college, Stalin often partners with Tuse for performing cross talk. Recently, they went to Hancheng to perform “Culture Expert”, a work specially created by their teacher. “We had a very good response from audience and warm applause and felt very happy. I will work harder to learn more pieces of cross talk and to have more performance. My dream is to perform on TV so that my friends and family can see,” said Stalin.

In 2017, Stalin acted as the host at the second social networking festival of Asian and African youths jointly held by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. “A regular host in many activities at college as I am, I feel very honored and happy to act as the host of such a high-class and important event. The experience has enriched my hosting and allows me to meet new friends in Xi’an,” said Stalin.  

The summer this year will see Stalin graduate from college. He said, “I want to have further study in postgraduate degrees of master and PhD and I hope I can get the PhD before the age of 28. Then I will return to Zambia to be a teacher. I will not only teach my students the specialized knowledge I learn in Xi’an, but also spread the excellent Chinese cultures to youths in Zambia. I wish with my efforts more people of Zambia will know more about China, Shaanxi and Xi’an.”

[Source:Xi’an Daily]