Fist Xi'an Farmer Festival Held Ceremoniously and Nanmao Brand Pickles Drawing Wide attention

On the morning of March 18, co-sponsored by Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee, Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and co-organized by Agriculture Channel of China Central Television, Communist Party of China Gaoling District Committee and Gaoling District People’s Government, the first “Great Xi’an Farmer Festival” was held ceremoniously at Hecun Village, Tongyuan Subdistrict of Gaoling District, and attended by provincial municipal, and district leaders including Standing Member of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee Wang Yongkang, and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the country.

Main venue of the first Xi’an Farmer Festival

Themed on “inheriting farming cultures, developing modern agriculture, respecting, loving and aiding farmers, promoting rural revitalization”, a series of activities were carried out to offer a feast of privileges to farmers. During the event, awards were given by Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government to a number of farmers or farm-related workers and businesses, including top 10 outstanding farmers such as Lyu Lianwu, top 10 rural families such as the family of Zhang Jiwen, top 10 agricultural technical workers such as Hui Dongjing, top 10 beautiful rural villages such as Hecun Village, Tongyuan subdistrict of Gaoling District, top 10 secretary of Party committee such as Cheng Jun, top 10 cadres in poverty alleviation work such as Yang Qi, top 10 households working out of poverty such as the household of Liu Zhizheng, top 10 leading enterprises of industrial farming such as Xi’an Yinqiao Dairy Group, top 10 farmer cooperatives such as Laoqu Village specialized cooperative of fruit and vegetable of Gaoling District, top 10 agricultural entertainment (homestay) such as Impression Nanhu Homestay of Qujiang New District.


Scene of award-giving for Top 10 Outstanding Farmers of Xi’an

During the opening ceremony of the grand event, Secretary Wang Yongkang made an inspection on the exhibition area of farm products set up around the main venue and gave his nods to the green products on display. At the exhibition area of Nanmao brand pickles that is the intangible cultural heritage of Xi’an, the fourth generation inheritor of the workmanship, Ma Jie gave a detailed introduction of the production of the brand pickle and its long history. Secretary Wang listened very carefully and kept exchanging with other leaders nearby to give directions to the development of farmers, rural areas and agriculture of Xi’an.


Secretary Wang Yongkang listens to report by Ma Jie, the fourth generation inheritor of Nanmao brand pickles

With a history of two hundred years, the Nanmao brand pickles have a series of products and are not only the intangible cultural heritage of Xi’an under protection but also the famous brand and leading company in the city. At this event, Nanmao brand products attracted a large number of foodies. A woman surnamed Wu said with excitement, “fifty years ago my mother bought me Nanmao brand pickles, and I am surprised and pleased to have the opportunity to taste such yummy food after so many years. We must have successors for the intangible cultural heritages.”


Intangible cultural heritage Nanmao brand pickles are the focus of attention