Five White Rhinos Became "Permanent Residents" of Xi'an


On March 18, after a long journey, 5 white rhinos from South Africa arrived in Xi’an and settled in Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park.

When the truck carrying the 5 white rhinos arrived at the park at 2:30pm, a lot of visitors were attracted and began to take pictures and videos the animals and to post messages in their WeChat (a twitter-like service in China). The park not only prepared clovers that are the favorite food of white rhinos, but also held a special welcoming ceremony of “settlement”, with “household registration certificate” issued to make them the “permanent residents” of Xi’an, and presents given to friends of South Africa who accompanies these animals to Xi’an.

With more than one hour’s busy work, the five white rhinos were finally put into the Rhino House, where they felt at home and began to eat and drink, with two of them even touching each other by the heads over the fence that separated them.

According to the workers, the five white rhinos were all from South Africa, two males and three females, at the ages of around 4 to 5 years. They grew up together with good health. Also known as square-mouth rhinos or broad-mouth rhinos, white rhinos are big in size and strange in form and named “king of rhino” due to their largest body of the existing species.

Meanwhile, Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park will initiate a name soliciting campaign in the coming early April for these five white rhinos whereby nice and meaningful names are welcome.

[Source:Xi'an Evening news ]