Overseas Student from Turkey Experiencing Chinese New Year in Xi’an


“Every year when the Spring Festival is approaching, the streets in China are beautifully decorated, some people are busy preparing New Year goods, some people are busy completing their work before the festival, and there are some people like me staying in school for study.” Wang Chengming, a 24-year-old overseas student told the reporters that when he first came to China, he knew nothing of Chinese Spring Festival and nothing impressed him except for the firecrackers. However, with his stay in China for a long time and the improvement of his language proficiency, he finds that Spring Festival is not simply a festival to play firecrackers and purchase New Year goods. In particular, a series of activities of “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional!” of this year allows him and many Chinese and foreign tourists to experience and spend a special Spring Festival.

Wang Chengming, who comes from Turkey, came to Xi’an in 2012 and now is a postgraduate student studying international Chinese education in International School of Chinese Studies of Shaanxi Normal University. He said that there is no Spring Festival in Turkey, and there are two big festivals in his country—“Corban Festival” and “Lesser Bairam”, these two festivals are as grand as China’s Spring Festival. After studying in Xi’an, Wang Chengming gradually learned some customs about the Spring Festival in China, for example, Spring Festival is the most solemn festival in China, and the saying “The New Year will come soon after the Laba Festival.”. Chinese people attach great importance to family affections, therefore, the Spring Festival is also a holiday of family reunion. Wang Chengming felt a little bit sad before because he is a foreigner studying in a foreign country and has few friends. But over these two years, he makes more Chinese friends and many of them invite him to their home to celebrate the Spring Festival, so he does not feel as sad as before, but feels happy.

“This year’s Spring Festival is very different from the past ones and can be called marvelous. The Spring Festival atmosphere is intense and spreads everywhere, with splendid view in the City Wall of Xi’an, Qujiang River, Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Daming Palace as well as Tang Paradise and Chang’an City of Han Dynasty.” Wang Chengming said, the most fantastic view is two UAV light shows, with hundreds of unmanned planes lightening the night sky of Xi’an, which makes “hard technology” of Xi’an once again come into the world’s vision.

Wang Chengming said that what fascinates his most is traveling in the Great Tang All Day Mall, “enjoying night scene in the Great Tang All Day Mall during the Spring Festival makes me feel like traveling back in that brilliant era, the sight of ancient Chang’an appears alive in front of my eyes and is eye-opening to me.”

“My classmates and I will introduce Chinese culture and customs to the Turkish people, and we will also introduce our culture and customs to the friends who want to learn about Turkey.” Wang Chengming said that he will share what he has seen and heard during the Spring Festival of this year with his friends in Turkey, and he also hopes that they could have the opportunity to come to Xi’an during the Spring Festival of next year to taste all kinds of delicious food, visit the temple fair, enjoy the lantern and appreciate the folk custom, so as to experience the Spring Festival atmosphere and appreciate the profound Chinese culture in person.




[Source:Xi'an Evening News]