Amazing! Xi’an’s Roujiamo Settled down in the UK, and Over 100 Food Stores with Shaanxi Characteristics to be Open

On Feb. 7 (Beijing Time), Wei Zengjun, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, led Zhao Runming, Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, Gao Zhongyin, Director of the Provincial Commission of Tourism Development, Yao Hongjuan, Director of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and so on, to come to London, the capital of the UK, to cut the ribbon at the activity of “Xi’an’s Roujiamo Settling down in the UK” and witness the relevant signing ceremony. According to the introduction, the implementation unit of "Shaanxi Cuisine Going Out Strategic Concept” and the local cooperative enterprise had jointly invested RMB 955 million Yuan for the signing this time, with the purpose of promoting Shaanxi cuisine in the UK. 55 Shaanxi Characteristic food stores centering on Xi’an’s Roujiamo, a provincial non-heritage project, will be set up in phase I, and 60 in phase II.

According to information, on April 26, 2017, the launch ceremony of “Xi’an’s Roujiamo Going-out" was held at the Yongning Gate Square in Xi’an, and the relevant agreements on Xi’an’s Roujiamo Going-out were signed on the scene with the representatives of the six Western countries, including the UK, the USA, France, New Zealand, Canada and so on. The settlement of Roujiamo in the UK this time has been the specific implementation of the strategy “Xi'an Roujiamo Going out”.

The relevant person in charge said that, the settlement of Xi’an’s Roujiamo in the UK has caused a sensation in the country and been well received. The stores specializing in Xi’an’s Roujiamo have been rapidly developed from one or two this year to several, and many stores have received the gratifying scene that the local people line up to buy Rojiamo, the famous Shaanxi snack, to have a taste.

Lian Shouzhu, Chairman of Shaanxi Koufu Big Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd., said that, the settlement of Xi’an’s Roujiamo in the UK is of great significance, marking the full spread of the grand strategic concept of “Shaanxi Cuisine Going out” and meaning that the fragmented operation mode used by sparse individuals in the past for the operation of Shaanxi cuisine in the foreign country will draw to an end. “Xi’an’s Roujiamo Going out” will start from the UK and gradually cover the vast Europe.