More Foreign Families and Citizens Make Their Homes in Xi’an

As a native of Huyi District, Xi’an, Mr. Liu has long been working in South Korea. He backed Huyi District with his Korean wife and kid for Chinese New Year. Knowing that household registration police still works as normal during the festival, Mr. Liu came to the Household Affairs Hall of the Huyi Bureau of Public Security (HBPS), with travel certificate issued by Chinese Embassy in South Korea and other documents in his hands, applying for registering his kid as a Xi’an citizen.

As it had confirmed the application, the HBPS went through all formalities quickly. Mrs. Liu extended his thanks to the police in Korean for her kid became a “new Xi’aner” in such a short time. Mr. Liu noted that he will shift his work focus to China, and settle his home in Xi’an.

In the course of building itself into a national central city, Xi’an, besides attracting foreign families, has adopted easing policies for inviting elites of all walks of life to live and develop in this time-honored city. It is known that Xi’an re-upgraded its household policies on February 1 this year, improving both the service standard and efficiency as the household registration procedure was further simplified. Documents for going thorough formalities in educational background, talent standard and housing, among 7 categories, have been reduced from 46 items to 14. The “one-stop” service allows all household registration applications to be accepted and concluded on site. What is more, the public security bureaus open green channel for college students, and go into universities for household publicity and operate related businesses on site. “Xi’an Sincerity” ensures all household applicants fell safe and happy.