Visitors and Tourism Revenues for 2018 Chinese New Year in Xi’an Reached a New Height


A series of activities themed on “2018 Xi’an Chinese New Year Celebrations & New Era Folk Cultural Show” made Xi’an a hot tourism destination in China during the Spring Festival holiday. Both the tourist number and tourism revenue reached a historic new height. Neither serious accident nor major complaints occurred during the holiday. China national television programs including the most watched CCTV News reported “Modern Tang Street” in Great Tang All Day Mall and lantern fair in Tang Paradise for 15 times. Report on Spring Festival Tourism in 2018 released by indicated that Xi’an ranked the 4th place among Chinese top 10 long-distance tourism destinations.


(▲ “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional” attracted many foreigners to enjoy Chinese New Year)

Xi’an offered a number of cultural and tourism activities for 2018 Chinese New Year. As the weather remained good during the holiday, people went out to visit relatives, take vacations and get round, pushing the fast development of tourism in Xi’an, in which praying in the temple, enjoying lanterns, visiting relatives, taking bath in hot spring, experiencing snow journey and having road trip served as major content for tourism.  

As the number of tourists outside Xi’an came to visit this ancient city rose drastically, key scenic spots embraced the constant expanding quantity of visitors. Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Park welcomed 367,700 visitors with the year-on-year growth of 37.06%; City Wall Scenic Spot 147,900, 12.98%; Huaqing Palace Scenic Spot 183, 200, 34.67%; Beilin Museum 28,700, 45.8%; Tang Paradise 275,900, 15.78%; Quqiang Polar Ocean Park 52,500, 30.56%; Qinling Wildlife Park 80,500, 40.15% and Great Wild Goose Pagoda 83,500, 17%. 


(▲ The temple fair held in Small Wild Goose Pagoda attracted numerous visitor during Spring Festival) 


(▲ Bailuyuan Studio gained great popularity among visitors)


(▲ Shehuo performance in Daming Palace National Heritage Park arrested the attention of tourists)

Activities themed on “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional”, open scenic spots and featured blocks won hearts of many tourists. Beiyuanmen Culture Street received 1.0839 million tourists, Gpark 437,000, Bailucang 1.267 million, Bailuyuan Studios 679,700, Yongxingfang 1.009 million, Xingqing Park 304,400, South Gate Cultural Square 230,000, Tang West Market 700,000, Great Wild Goose Pagoda Cultural Scenic Spot 548,000, “Modern Tang Street” in Great Tang All Day Mall 1.154 million, Great Tang Huaqing City 215,900, Louguandao Cultural Exhibition Zone 515,600, Daming Palace National Heritage Park 501,200, Hancheng Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Spot 1.19 million, Xi’an International Horticultural Expo Garden 330,000, Kunming Pool Scenic Spot 335, 500, Shijingli Town 104, 000, Fucha Town 486,000, Zhouzhi Water Street 1.1288 million and Gaoling Changpan 440, 000. 


(▲ 2018 Xi’an City Wall Spring Lantern Fair)


(▲ Colorful performance in Temple Fair were on the show in Xi’an International Horticultural Expo Garden)

Self-driving trip still served as the travel choice of many citizens and travelling by high-speed train were getting popular. Travelers across China gathered in Xi’an from road trip, and key scenic spots were crowded with motor vehicles from all parts of China. It has become a fashion for citizens to travel by high-speed train. Xi’anbei Railway Station carried 658,900 million passengers with the year-on-year growth hit 120.30%.


(▲Various performance showed in Great Tang All Day Mall during Spring Festival)

Hot spring bath, skiing and shopping were preferred choices among citizens and tourists. Tangyu Tourism Resort welcomed 280,900 visitors, Tiantan Hot Spring 25,000, Shangwang Hot Spring 12,000. Lantian Zhulinpan Skiing Resort received 34,500 tourists, Lintong OUTLETS 110,300, Shazhichuan·OUTLETS 230,000, Huanan City 55,900 and Lehua Happy World 27,300.


(▲ Shinning lights in “Modern Tang Street” in Great Tang All Day Mall caught eyes of visitors)


(Tang Palace Lantern Fair in Huaqing Palace Scenic Spot)


(▲ Artistic show in Louguan Taoist Cultural Scenic Spot)


(▲Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development held a meeting for regulating tourism market during Spring Festival)

(▲ Tourism market regulation force strengthened supervision and examination during Spring market) 


(▲ Before Spring Festival, Xi’an went to Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Guiyang to promote its activities themed on “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional”)

Some 100, 000 brochures tiled, 2018 Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional: Xi’an Chinese New Year Celebrations & New Era Folk Cultural Show, were placed to star hotels and restaurants, tourism service centers, agritainments, home-stays and commercial complexities. A hundred of microblog celebrities, who were fascinated by huge changes and colorful activities of this ancient city, celebrated Chinese New Year in Xi’an, sharing their pictures and videos via Internet. By 15:00, February 21, 2018, the topic “I’m celebrating Chinese New Year in Xi’an”, initiated by Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, had been viewed for more than 84 million times and ranked the 3rd in national tourism topic list in microblog, Chinese-version twitter.


(▲ A hundred of microblog VIPs celebrated Chinese New Year in Xi’an)


(▲ Topic “I’m celebrating Chinese New Year in Xi’an” ranked the 3rd in national tourism topic list in microblog, Chinese-version twitter)

Xi’an provided well-designed services to ensure tourists have an unforgettable memory. To better satisfy visitors, the whole tourism industry in Xi’an kept focusing on removing cigarette butts, cleaning public toilets and improving government efficiencies. Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development called all scenic spots for providing clean toilets, setting up service posts and increasing ticket windows. What is more, the toilets of all star hotels and restaurants must open to the public unconditionally, and non-star ones were encouraged to follow suit. Xi’an established round-clock hotline for dealing with tourism complaints.


(▲ Scenic Spots in Xi’an better serve tourists from providing clean toilets)


(▲ Staff from Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development provided services to tourists during Spring Festival)

[Source:Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development ]