Xi'an Light Show Reported by CCTV




All the three pictures are light show scenes of Qujiang

On Feb. 10, CCTV Chinese International Channel China News covered the “Spring Festival in Xi'an – Most Cultural and Traditional” Spring Festival theme event with the title of Spring Festival is Coming with Dense Festive Atmosphere—Xi’an Shaanxi: Qujiang Light Show Lights Up Night Xi’an submitted by Xi’an Broadcasting Station.

The ancient city Xi’an held a grand light show when the Spring Festival is around the corner, presenting splendid light scenes of modern buildings and sculpture scenery in the background of ancient Chinese buildings in an area of 300,000 square meters. The giant screen laid on the ground playing different rhythms of menus showcased charms of night Xi’an to citizens and tourists.

Beams of colored lights, numerous light flowers, vivid street modeling, and rolls of drums…a spectacular light show on Tang Street of Qujiang Great Tang All Day Mall brought big surprise to citizens and tourists by presenting prosperous night scenes by landmark buildings in an extensive area.

As the first important event of 2018 Xi'an Chinese Spring Festival Ceremony and New Era Folk Culture Year Show, the light show heralds the beginning of the grand event, and marks that Xi'an extends the invitation to the whole world: welcome to Xi’an and experience the Chinese Spring Festival with the densest historical and cultural atmosphere and special charms of the Great Xi'an.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]