Invite People to Celebrate Spring Festival in Xi'an


During the New Year´s Day, tourists queued up to view the Museum of Terracotta Warriors.

On January 24, an article which invited people around the world to come to Xi'an to celebrate the Spring Festival in Wechat enticed more foreigners and other out-of--town net friends, posing a problem to members of Shaanxi Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference about how to strengthen the construction of tourism. 

Integrating culture with tourism under the opportunity of the Belt and Road

According to Dai Hongke, a provincial CPPCC member, culture is the soul of tourism, tourism is the vital vehicle of culture, and culture promotes tourism and tourism spreads culture. Besides, integrating culture with tourism will prompt Xi'an to establish its international image, economy and service and become an international tourism destination.

Dai Hongke suggested that in order to foster the awareness of combing culture with tourism, the rational exploitation of cultural tourism resources should be enhanced, the big industry of cultural tourism should be created though breaking down the barrier of administrative division and realizing the integration of infrastructure, transportation, management and so on. Besides, for the sake of showing regional and cultural characteristics, more marvellous performances will be made and tourism interworking mechanism will be built by utilizing the policy of 72-hour transit without visa, deepening the cooperation between countries along the Silk Road and the development of cultural tourism souvenirs, as a result, the industrial chain of the tourism brand will be extended. 

Efforts will be made around the core characteristics of provincial cities, to design new image system and implement the marketing method with the mixture of abroad and home, and by reinforcing the building of new brand image of Xi'an cultural tourism and the comprehensive, intelligent marketing system. 

Seen though the lens of Dai Hongke, cultural tourism industry is not only a creative industry or a carrier combined economic experience with economic appreciation, but only a big green industry. To some ways, cultural and creative industries fuel the growth of tourism, propelling the high-end development of cultural tourism industry though taking full advantage of a series of new technologies such VR, AR, 3D and big data.

Forming three cultural industries of Guangzhong, northern Shaanxi and southern Shaanxi at the core of Xi'an

Shaanxi possesses various 9972 tourism resources, however, the natural resource only occupies 6.56% of it while literary and historical resources account for 93.44%. Equivalently, imbalance also exists in the regional structure of cultural industry, from the dimension of cities in Guangzhong, the added value of the cultural industry is now over seven times more than Xianyang and over twenty times more than Baoji and Weinan. 

Thanks to homogenization of the development of the cultural industry, a large-scale construction of ancient towns with folk customs led to “industrial foam”. As a result, local tourism development enterprises were asked to integrate scattered tourism resources and design historical and cultural tourism belts with special themes, creating the tourism brand with scale influence and setting up financing service institutions though the preferential policy made by government.

In terms of the overall layout, with Xi'an as the core and by driving and radiating, the Guangzhong cultural industry, northern Shaanxi cultural industry and southern Shaanxi cultural industry will be created.

Developing high-quality tourism to promote “tourism pulse”and “pulse tourism”

According to Li Ying, a provincial CPPCC member, tourism in China has reached a turning point - from the increase of high-speed tourism to high-quality tourism, which reflected that exploring the unique cultural elements is the top priority, so world vision needed to strengthened and culture and nature should be made full use of.

Li Ying suggested that, when it comes to some places without any conditions to be exploited, we need to pause its development. Besides, every city should stress its own characteristics such as Tang culture in Xi'an, Qin culture in Xianyang and Zhou culture in Baoji, Han culture in Hanzhong, strengthen the construction of infrastructure and the development of souvenirs, stick to the integration between “tourism pulse”and “pulse tourism”and add the value of tourism, expanding the growth of tourism and creating a big industry and market.

Making full use of the cultural and historical merits in Shaanxi and exploring the historical resources of Qin, Han, Tang can make Shaanxi become an outstanding area to demonstrate Chinese civilization. Furthermore, we also need to insist on the sustainable development and facilitate the building of green scenic spots and the system of green souvenirs, shaping a harmonious situation of green tourism.

Meanwhile, what we need to do is highlighting the brand strategy to form the image of high-quality tourism.

Upgrading the tranffic conditions to smooth the tourism routes

A favorable environment of transportation and an excellent establishment of road net can also propel the advancement of tourism in Shaanxi.

According to another provincial CPPCC member Huang Xiangling, the tourism production is static while the tourism industry is dynamic, as a result, we have to ensure a smooth transportation to make tourists be satisfied with the traffic in Shaanxi.

She also said that the successful experience of any large-scale advanced cities can be learned to make Shaanxi tourism more convenient and greener. That is to say, we are required to plan measures to tackle traffic problems and build efficient transportation network, improving the level of road service and the efficiency of information flow though some APPs .