A British Man Being a Big Lover in Celebrating Spring Festival in Xi'an


On January 24, Drake, a British men, experienced the charm of Chinese traditional culture for folk artists decorated the class by using the paper-cutting, a kind of intangible heritage, showing a strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Besides, this paper-cutting training class is located in Xitie Community, Lintong District.

In the wake of the introduction of Wei Yongxin, a paper-cutting teacher, Drake was attracted by this folk art though the help of a interpreter, showing a keen interest in the picturesque pattern of the flower bun. Then, under the guidance of the teacher, Drake started to learn some skills about how to make “Fu”. 

Accordingly, Drake has celebrated Spring Festival in Lintong for ten years continuously and learned paper-cutting after Wei Yongxin for two years for he loves Chinese traditional culture and Xi'an, as a result, he had a good relationship with Mr.Ma's family and even knew the way to make jiaozi. On January 14, he came to Lintong again to enjoy the atmosphere of Spring festival.

After the paper-cutting class, Drake received some gifts from folk artists, enjoying the enthusiasm and friendliness of people in Xi´an. Besides, he said that he would bring theses presents to England to spread Chinese traditional culture.