Hi-tech Ensures a Civilized Travel--France Television Applauded the “Smart City” Construction of Xi'an


Gael Caron, a reporter from the France Television, is photographing the traffic education and punishment station sitting at the southwest of Xihuamen Crossroad


Gael Caron is shooting at Xihuamen Crossroad

Xi’an has attracted close attention of France Television for its “smart city” construction.

On Oct 2nd, 2017, the city's first face recognition system and mobile image snapshot system were equipped at Xihuamen Crossroad and other major intersections respectively, and played an important role in obtaining the evidence of traffic violation. The two systems ensure civilized travels of the public and keep the vehicles and the public in harmony.

On Jan 19th, the France Television came to Xi'an for a news film named “Smart City: Face Recognition-E-police”. The French reporters applauded for the vehicles’ orderliness and the pedestrians’ obedience to the traffic rules at Xihuamen Crossroad.

“The mobile image snapshot system will keep an image and a 15-second video of those pedestrians and drivers of non-motor vehicles who cross the road when the traffic light turn red and display them on the screen; while the face recognition system is used to foster the habit of crossing the road properly,” said a police to the two French reporters. On hearing this, Arnauld Miguct, Chief Reporter of the France Television, tried the latter and exclaimed, “it is new for me to see the traffic violations been solved with hi-tech! The shooting enables me to realize that Xi'an, as the capital of history and culture, tops the country in modern technologies.”

It is learned that the France Television had made reports to mobile payment and intelligent streetlight in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen before it came to Xi'an. Therefore the news film with a theme on the “smart city” is the last one as planned.