Vietnamese International Student Wishes to Be “Publicist” for Beauty of Xi’an


Do Phuong Anh visits Tang Paradise (picture provided by the interviewee)

No different from her peers in Xi’an who were born in 1990s, the 25-year-old Vietnamese international student Do Phong Anh enjoys taking selfies and delicious foods and knows well about every corners of Xi’an such as Xiaozhai and Qujiang. “I fell in love with Xi’an the first day when I arrived at this city, she has become my second hometown and I wish I could stay here for my whole life,” said Do Phong Anh, who also expressed her wish to be a loyal “publicist” for Xi’an to let more people around the world know more about this beautiful city.

Born and raised in Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam, Do has contacted Chinese cultures since her childhood and longed to visit China. “I remember I enjoyed Chinese songs, and that my favorite TV dramas were Journey to the West, and Princess Pearl and I like most Chinese calligraphy,” said Do.

With the scholarship she applied for from the Chinese government in 2014, she arrived in Xi’an alone by air. “Xi’an is such a beautiful city with too much cultural heritage and beautiful buildings of ancient and modern times that I feel myself is a dream or travel back to the ancient times a few thousand years ago,” said Do, who is much impressed by the city of Xi’an, where the spring of flowers, the autumn of falling leaves, and the winter of early snow present a romantic scenario. During the three years since she came, Do has visited a number of scenic spots such as Bell Tower, Greater Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise, Nanhu Lake, Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Spring…, all of which struck her with the glories the Chinese people made in ancient times and the charm of the city in modern times. “In recent years, Xi’an has developed so fast that high rise buildings increase day by day and the city has become an international metropolis of old and modern features!”

The easy and convenient services available in Xi’an has opened the eyes of this girl from outside China. “It is so convenient that people can make payment by scanning QR codes, do shopping at home with Taobao, Alipay, and Meituan mobile services, especially the metro ride by scanning code with mobile phones!” said Do, who likes shared bike service the most, by which she can ride a bike anytime and anywhere, helping protect the environment and doing workout at the same time. “Almost all in a daily life can be handled simply with a mobile phone, that is what I like and admire the modernity of Xi’an.”

The most important reason for Do falling in love with Xi’an is the goodness of residents of Xi’an. “All Chinese people around me are warm to me, ranging from teachers and friends at school to waiters in restaurants and police officers in the street, all of whom show me friendliness and kindness, which moves me greatly.” She also told a story in which she lost her way in the New and Hi-tech District and when she asked the way from a passerby, the man not only escorted her to the bus stop and even paid the bus fare for her by using his own card.

“I much appreciate the great youthful times Xi’an brings me, which I will always keep in my memory and I will always cherish each and every day of my growth in Xi’an!” Before the end of the interview, Do also said that no matter where she visits in future, she will be the most loyal “publicist” of Xi’an to spread the beauty of the city to all over the world.

[Source: Xi’an Evening News]