12 Foreign Volunteers Serve Spring Festival Travel in Xi’an


“I am very glad to offer my service to travelers so close at hand,” said a volunteer, who is an international student from Pakistan at Northwestern Polytechnical University, at the “Warm Winter Operation” (whereby Shaanxi youth volunteers offer services to Spring Festival travel) launching ceremony held at Xi’an Railway Station yesterday morning.

Among the volunteer team there were 12 international students, from Northwestern Polytechnical University and Xi’an University of Science and Technology respectively, who will offer their services to travelers in the next 40 days at posts of ticket self-service, security check, etc.

Built in 1934, Xi’an Railway Station will offer its services to the “Spring Festival travel for the last time” on the existing facilities, with the renovation of the site to be in full swing in 2018. The station now provides a photo corner for travelers by combining the images of its facilities of 1934, 1986 and that of the future ones after renovation as well as other ancient heritage sites of Xi’an, where travelers can experience the “time travel photo-taking” in the ancient style costume of Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) or Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220).



[Source:Chinese Business Daily newspaper]