French President Macron’s Xi’an Trip



The first leg of the trip in Xi’an of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife was Emperor Qinshihuang Mausoleum Site Museum, which is the largest underground military museum in the world and one of the greatest discoveries in the history of world archaeology. Since 1976, some 200 heads of states or governments have paid their visit to the Terracotta Warriors. This time, apart from the visit in the recovery area, the museum also offered some weapons of the Qin Dynasty (221 BC-207 BC) unearthed from the same pit for viewing by the president.

To satisfy the interest of Macron in things of technology, the museum presented a “3D printed green-faced terracotta warrior” in the 1:1 life size, which has successfully caught the attention of the president according to the workers of the museum. On conclusion of the visit, the museum offered the Detailed Album of Emperor Qinshihuang Mausoleum as a gift to the president, in the hope that the Eighth Wonder of the World will leave a deep impression on this young president.

To Know about China in the prosperous Tang Dynasty at Great Wild Goose Pagoda

In the second leg of his Xi’an trip, President Macron and his wife visited the landmark of the city, Great Wild Goose Pagoda. According to the site workers, the guests arrived at 11:28 am.

Unlike Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who ascended the pagoda, President Macron’s visit started from the main gate through the palace to the pagoda, which must have left with him a widely different feeling when he compares the pagoda that was built under the direction of Buddhist Master Xuan Zang in Tang Dynasty with the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

According to Buddhist Master Zeng Qin, the abbot of Ci’en Temple of who received the president. In his visit President Macron asked him about the history of Great Wild Goose Pagoda and mentioned that the pagoda is the world cultural heritage, that Buddhist Master Xuan Zang is a celebrity in world culture, that Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Apparently, Macron has done his homework in the Chinese culture.

Due to the tight schedule, the stay of Macron in Great Wild Goose Pagoda was not very long. But why did he choose it as one of his tour destinations? One analysis said that the 1st Belt and Road Initiative Forum for International Cooperation held on May 14-15, 2017 in Beijing had the attendance of 29 heads of state and government, UN Secretary General, President of Red Cross Commission and chiefs of other important organizations, 1,500 guests from some 130 countries, that the logo of that forum contains the image of Greater Wild Goose Pagoda, and that it indicates Macron attaches great importance to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Address at Daming Palace National Heritage Park

In addition to the above two spots, Macron also paid his visit to Daming Palace National Heritage Park. According to the workers there, in order to welcome this natural and unrestrained French gentleman, the park arranged golden armored warriors and imperial women court officials who lined the road to give warm greetings. The elegant Chinese “soldiers”, the slim Chinese girls and the handsome French gentleman with his graceful wife met each other in such a nice way that marks the friendly encounter of Chinese and French cultures.

President Macron and his wife took a simple lunch in the lounge and then moved to the museum of Daming Palace Heritage, before giving his first speech of the visit at 1 pm to the Chinese and French businessmen, scientists, scholars and college students there. Present at the meeting were a few hundreds of French overseas students and business leaders.

Words dedicated by Macron to his visit of Terracotta Warriors

Thank you for your reception given to me at this glorious heritage site, which deserves the title of the Eighth Wonder of the World with the warriors buried underground and tells us about the great undertaking of Emperor Qinshihuang to unite China for the first time in Xi’an

May these mysterious warriors with their silent force give us common enlightenment in future!

With my friendly regards,

Emmanuel Macron

January 8, 2018

[Source:Xi’an Daily]