Xi’an Constructing the “City of Music”


Publicity department of municipal Party committee and Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication jointly issued an Implementation Scheme for Xi’an Constructing the “City of Music” in May 2017. Xi’an applies for UNESCO’s entitling of “City of Music” relying on profound resources such as historic culture, industry-university-research cooperation, troupe, scientific research and innovation, etc. after 5-year efforts, and builds it as an international metropolis charming for music. 7 music blocks such as Great Tang All Day Mall are established and Shaanxi Theater is built after a few months only. Uninterrupted song of music is heard over the city when Xi’an International Music Festival and all music festival activities.

Music block layout cannot be separated from relevant hardware facilities. Great Tang All Day Mall newly established 15 music-themed urban landscape sculpture such as Allemande, concert and organ dance, etc. and established an internationally professional stage in Kaiyuan Square for adding atmosphere of outdoor music of Xi’an. Since “Labor Day” vacation, the block has implemented dozens of performances of jazz, rap and folk music. Brilliant lights and music jointly build romantic atmosphere, which attracting numerous citizens and visitors. As a “traditional music cluster” in Xi’an, Yongxing Workshop upgrades traditional culture and art of Shaanxi, and builds traditional music-representative culture and art based national intangible cultural heritage-shadow play of Huaxian County and intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi-storytelling of Shaanxi.

When the Xi’an International Music Festival started on November 14 and will be completed on January 21, 2018, hundreds of wonderful performances would be presented. During more than 2 months, all kinds of activities such as “Great Tang All Day Mall” music-theme block in Qujiang New District, etc. would be presented. One in Xi’an is shown with fuse of all kinds of music and music of all countries. Xi’an Concert Hall visited famous international conductor Gergiev, famous American violoncello Walevska, Italy Philharmonic Orchestra and other artists and teams. They shown people with nearly 30 performances of symphony, solo, chamber music, folk music and jazz. You were presented with Great Xi'an Image-Urban Theme Image Concert, and other weekly activities such as music sound and light show, Qinqiang opera and varieties, etc. In addition, strawberry music festival and Xi’an symphony orchestra outdoor public performance caught numerous attentions.

Construction of “City of Music” mainly includes 6 categories and 32 aspects in construction of urban music block, build of deliberate brand of music culture, whole-industry development of music industry, implementation of mass music culture, music facility construction and international music culture communication. It builds up 3D development idea of “source music, big music and new music” based on the basic principle of inhering civilization, standing on Xi’an and facing future. Source music will seek for source of Chinese music culture through digging classical music culture of Xi’an and showing brand of Chinese music inheritance resort, etc.; as for big music, focus on communication enhance, industrial development and brand moulding, improve big music category and realize fully integrated development of extensive music industry; as for music build a music nascent state including multiple cultural creation business such as music, games, painting, calligraphy, archaeology, literature, cartoon, film and television and drama.

Since establishment of “City of Music”, “music lingering” is coming true. Xi’an witnessed mushrooming of music block, music drama, symphony, benefiting concert, music festival, concert… and coming of numerous foreign and domestic concert performers, singers and pop singers. Xi’an is charming for its extraordinary music temperament.