​​2017 Marks the First Year of Xi’an to Build the Global Capital of Hard Technology


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Mi Lei

To come up with the proposal for building Xi’an into the global capital of hard technology, creating the “Eighth Route Army” of hard technology, building the brand of Xi’an in hard technology sector; to have opened the Global Conference of Hard and Core Technology and Innovation where Xi’an Declaration on Global Hard Technology was released; to have establish think tank of hard technology and issued Ten Measures on Developing Hard Technological Industry of Xi’an City… , all of which are the actions taken in 2017 by Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an Municipal Government to promote hard technology and have made the year 2017 the first year of “Xi’an building global capital of hard technology”.

The first Global Conference of Hard and Core Technology has made hard technology the new logo of Xi’an

“The successful conducting of the first Global Conference of Hard and Core Technology and Innovation in Xi’an has placed the international metropolis that was glorious in the Chinese history to the forefront of the new age and hard technology will help it rise again,” said Mi Lei, the initiator of the concept of hard technology, on the impact of the conference on the city.

“Hard Technology” is the concept put forward by Dr. Mi Lei of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010, but was confined to the scientific circle only. To make the hard technology become the new logo of Xi’an is the result of hard work and persistent promotion of Xi’an Party Committee and Municipal Government. On Dec 15, 2016, Wang Yongkang, Member of Standing Committee of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee, who took office not long ago, made his first research inspection tour to the institute and learned the concept of “Hard Technology”, which was later touched on and recommended at various meetings of Xi’an by him.

At the 3rd Plenary Session of the 13th Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee on Aug 25, 2017, Decision of Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee on “Five New” Strategic Tasks to Expedite Improving “Ten Weak Links” was passed, where “Hard Technology” was given special mention in the section of “Improving the weak link of capacity of innovation and commercialization”, that reads as follows: to establish alliance of hard technology development, increase financial support to scientific and technological development, try to make breakthroughs in sectors of new generation of information technology, aerospace engineering, new materials, new energy, artificial intelligence, life science, photoelectric chips, intelligent manufacturing, create the “Eighth Route Army” of hard technology, build the brand of Xi’an in hard technology.

At the group discussion session of Shaanxi of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China held in October this year, Secretary Wang Yongkang made a special reference that the development of hard technology shall be made the concrete action and important measure of Xi’an to enforce the national strategy Made in China 2025, by which to build the city into the global capital of hard technology.

The 2017 Global Conference of Hard and Core Technology and Innovation was held on Nov 7 in Xi’an. As the birthplace of the concept of “Hard Technology”, Xi’an not only took the lead to carry the banner for the concept, but also will become the definer, planner and practitioner, with “Look Xi’an for Hard Technology” being turned into the consensus of the world. During the conference, Xi’an Declaration of Global Hard Technology, Index of Hard Technology, White Paper of Hard Technology and “Ranking of Hard Technology” were officially released.

The conference also drew widespread attention not only from local medias of Xi’an and Shaanxi, but also from mainstream medias of China and the world, especially the official medias of the Chinese central government such as China Central Television, China National Radio, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily gave special coverage of the event. The 7pm News of China Central Television, a 30-minute news program with largest audience of the country, gave a report of the conference that lasted more than one minute. The news website of Xinhua News Agency also opened special page for the event, to highlight the importance of the conference. The China News of Chinese Language International Channel of China Central Television showed a special program titled Xi’an: Robot “Pomegranate Kid” Works as News Anchor, Hard Technology Becoming Most Dazzling “City IP”, which once again displayed the determination and power of building the city into the global capital of hard technology and the close tie formed between hard technology and Xi’an. 

“Innovation has to be started with ‘Hard Technology’ as the support for Shaanxi to become the core area of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and for Xi’an to become an international metropolis of cooperation and exchanges between Asia and Europe, the global conference of hard and core technology and innovation that is held in Xi’an is the great opportunity at the time when China enters a new era. We must make Xi’an the capital of innovation of China, the capital of hard technology, the center of science, technology and education, serving the function that is different from Beijing the political and cultural center, and Shanghai the financial and trade center. Only by this means can we take the lead in the New Normal and achieve surpassing our peers and ultimately realize the China Dream of great revitalization!” said Zhang Baotong, research fellow of Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and President of Shaanxi Province Economic and Cultural Research, in the interview with media recently.

Based on the good industrial foundation of Xi’an to build the concentration of hard technology

“The year 2017 is the first year in the history of hard technology development and it is also unforgettable to CassStar, which has seen the number of start-up businesses exceeding 200, with the fund managed over 4 billion yuan; Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics was listed in the second demonstration bases of innovation and entrepreneurship approved by the Chinese national authorities, CassStar was approved to Post-doctorate Innovation Base, Founder and partner Mi Lei was honored by China Association for Science and Technology “Qiushi Award of Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Achievement by Youth”, selected to be candidate of ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award’, and the CassStar photoelectrical incubator base with an area of 100 thousand square meters began the construction, phase 2 of pilot valve institute was in construction, the zone of Silk Road Scientific Innovation was listed in planning; the second edition of hard technology training was completed and the third one opened, with more than 17,000 person-times being trained…” said Lan Shaogeng, a worker of CassStar, the representative of hard technology incubation of Xi’an when asked by the reporter.

As one of the businesses of hard technology, with its fast growth CassStar showed the speed and potential in this sector of the city.

Boasting rich resources of science and technology and education, good foundation of hard technology industries, favored by national strategies and incentive policies, Xi’an is meeting with the unprecedented opportunity in the history for development. With a view to expediting the development of hard technology, during the Global Conference of Hard and Core Technology and Innovation, Xi’an government issued Ten Measures on Development of Hard Technology Industry of Xi’an City, which aims to drive the overall development of hard technology in the city.

Ten Measures specified that efforts will be made to advance the building of Xi’an Science Park, focusing on the building of Xi’an Science Park of Chinese Academy of Sciences and trying to build the national comprehensive science center. Innovation platform which combines colleges and local governments will be constructed, with emphasis laid on advancing the national laboratories and research institutes such as West China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, Flying Town, West China Innovation Valley and national innovation center for new materials. Demonstration zones that integrate military and civilian innovation will be built, with incentive bonus of maximum 5 million yuan granted to newly built incubators of military and civilian integration industries and bonus of as much as 30% of the total investment amount and 10 million yuan at most granted to newly built service platform for military and civilian integration according to the trade volume.

The core intellectual rights of hard technology will be promoted to be self-owned, and support will be given to enterprises for building research institutes such as technology center, engineering (technology) research center, key laboratory, and to enterprises for co-establishing research and development center with renowned research and development institutes from home and abroad. A bonus of maximum 800 thousand yuan will be granted to enterprises that establish technology center at or above municipal level. The business promotion of the “Eighth Route Army” of hard technology will be strengthened, with programs of whole industrial chain planned and promoted, focusing on the sectors of aerospace engineering, photoelectric chips, information technology, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine.

The global highland of hard technology talents will be built and the Great Xi’an Industrial Development Fund of 100 billion yuan will be established to offer diverse financial security for advancing hard technology development. The construction of science and technology market and the protection of intellectual property rights will be intensified , and center for technology transfer and concept certification will be built, the system of liaison of science and technology policy will be improved, the northwest center of national technology transfer and the platform of national intellectual property rights for operation of military and civilian integration will be expedited.

So far, hard technology has not only served as a new visiting card to Xi’an, but also provided a new runway for surpassing and a new opportunity for overtaking. Based on the construction of national central city free trade zone, Xi’an is speeding up the transformation of development of the city, making efforts to build an international metropolis of exchanges between Asia and Europe in “Belt and Road Initiative”; based on the position of global capital of hard technology, focusing on real economy and advanced manufacturing industries, led by the ”Eighth Route Army” of hard technology, and fully advancing the model of hard technology+, the city will also make efforts to build itself a gathering place of hard technology resources, place of origin for hard technology industries, and place of hard technology application for products.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]