Over One Million Market Main Body in Xi´an


On December 9, Wang Yongkang, Provincial Party Committee Member and Xi'an Secretary, attended the ceremony of celebrating over one million market main body in Xi'an and distributed the business license and monument to the last one of one million market main body.

Wang Jide, the head of Shaanxi Industrial and Commercial Bureau, gave a speech, and Vice Mayor Dong Tinwei introduced the environmental condition of market main body at the ceremony.

Shangguan Jiqing said over one million market main body market who played a more constructive role in offering support to the ever-increasing rise of Xi'an reflected a marvelous business atmosphere and environment, heavily prompting the efficiency of settling problems for entrepreneurs and highly attracting more industrialists to commit themselves to constructing Xi'an.

Since this year, Xi'an has seized the opportunity of the Belt and Road, refreshing the city environment and business condition. From this aspect, the broad development prospect will be gained by businessmen for Xi'an constantly provided high-quality service and competitive market.

Under the correct leadership of Xi'an Municipal Government, Xi'an Industrial and Commercial System was engaged in the effort to offer five-star service, high efficiency and favorable market order for corporations, continuing to keep the space of innovation and catching up with and surpassing the advanced economies. In light of this, over one million market main body will witness the explosive growth of their amount in the process of developing Xi'an.

In the course of ceremony, the representative of outstanding entrepreneurs across the world delivered their congratulations though the video. Furthermore, the initial written paper about some market rules was read by Ma Zhongke, the representative of market main body.

[Source:Xi'an Daily News]