PowerChina Plans to Invest Xi’an During the 13th Five-Year Plan

On December 8, Mayor Shangguan Jiqing and Yan Zhiyong, the president of Power Construction Corporation of China, made a speech respectively at the signing ceremony of Xi´an Municipal Government and Power Construction Corporation of China.

Power Construction Corporation of China, as a world top 500 enterprise, played a leading role in low carbon energy, water resource, environmental construction and infrastructure. Additionally, the condition of economic development and investment of Xi’an were introduced via the advertising video.

According to Shangguan Jiqing, Xi'an, as a international metropolis upgraded by the construction of the Belt and Road and the cooperation of Eurasia, is in a new age with a host of chances for it is on the way to strengthen communication, invite more outstanding partners to invest and start business in Xi'an, facilitate service quality, expand the influence and bring marvelous projects to countries along the Silk Road, even the world.

On the ground of what Yan Zhiyong said, his company would not have achieved such a success without the support from Xi'an Municipal Government. Admittedly, more cooperation in terms of infrastructure, water resource and environment will be carried out, heavily accelerating the goal of realizing catching up with and surpassing the advanced economies.

Afterwards, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed, it turns out, RMB 150 billion covering subway, water ecological environment, green town, traffic engineering and other facets will be invested in Xi'an, speeding up the meteoric growth of economy in Xi'an.

Vice Mayor Li Yuan and Xi'an Secretary General Jiao Weifa attended the meeting.

[Source:Xi´an Evening News]