A Discussion Between Xi´an Municipal Government and Romanian Nile Group

On December 8, Nicolay Dumitru, President of Neil Group, and Shangguan Jiqing, the mayor of Xi´an, made a speech respectively at the cooperative forum between Xi´an Municipal Government and Nile Group.

During the meeting, the growth of tourism, the investment policies and environment condition of high-quality hotels were introduced through the advertising video.

Shangguan Jiqing said that Xi´an, with many fantastic opportunities in city positioning, competitive advantages and developmental circumstance, is in its prime time to construct international metropolis and free trade area, giving a promising future to enterprises to have in-depth cooperation and win-win situation.

Given the explosive advancement of Xi´an, the quality and level of hotels failed to satisfy increasingly diversified market demand. Consequently, more practical, efficient and high-quality service will be involved, offering a enormously suitable environment for corporations to develop themselves.

Nicolay Dumitru, having firm determination in investing, will push forward implementing projects, to make contribution to improve the internationalization and influence of Xi´an after conducting on-the-spot investigation.

Vice Mayor Li Yuan and Xi´an Secretary General Jiao Weifa involved in the meeting.

[Source:Xi´an Evening News]