More Investment Came to Xi´an

Reportedly, as advances in efficiency have fueled the advent of ever-increasing corporations, Xi´an is on the way to become a competitive place for investors at home and abroad, insofar as it was capable of streamlining administration and delegate power, deepening commercial system reform and invigorating markets.

Commercial system reform leads to meteoric rise of companies

On May 23, Sissi, a Brazilian girl, acquired the business license of her corporation successfully in approximately ten minutes under help of staffs, which made her feel a glow of satisfaction.

From this facet, the commercial system reform of Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau was extremely efficient, facilitating a host of enterprises.

In 2014, as one of the most crucial reforms, commercial system reform which witnessed an explosive growth of corporations around the country was launched in China.

Admittedly, 32 preferential measures from 15 respects refined, simplified, broadened the process and condition of registering companies. Afterwards, more reforms and new policies were implemented by Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

As a result, statistically, 265.416 thousands of new registered main bodies of market have risen 102.17 percent year on year as of November 25th.

Five-star service enhances the awareness of service

On November 16, given high-speed and high-quality service of Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Chen Jili, its secretary, serviced clerical people for around two hours, giving 4 business licences and receiving 16 consultations.

Furthermore, Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau played an increasingly prominent role in servicing citizens with five-star standard in terms of strengthening the follow-up service for key enterprises, speeding up handling ordered projects and dealing with urgent projects through working overtime.

Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau cleared the name, type, place, process, and the criteria of submitted materials in order to let masses come to bureau to handle their affairs no more than one time, constantly prompting the reform with five-star service and efficient measures.

Industrial and commercial service builds a stage for makers

Since this year, Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau has further deepened commercial system reform and lowered the standard for market access, stimulating the vigor of a fair bit of maker. Besides, Suanier, a company with high-tech innovation, was a marvelous example. 

For the sake of accelerating the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation, Xi´an Industrial and Commercial Bureau opened the green channel, applied 0.5 million venture capital, constructed leading groups and held campaigns for college students.

Currently, with increasingly sophisticated business service, there are 97 municipal makerspaces, 13 municipal business incubators and 175 innovative carriers such as high-tech business incubators in Xi´an.

[Source:Xi´an Evening News]