Tell Stories of Xi’an to the World-Tablet Unveiling Ceremony of Xi’an Hantang Cultures Web Academy


Opening of Hantang Chinese Language Platform

The opening and tablet unveiling ceremony of Xi’an Hantang Cultures Web Academy and Hantang Chinese Language Platform was held on Nov. 22.

The platform of teaching Chinese as a foreign language,, is the first of its kind established in Northwest China by Xi’an Hantang Cultures Web Academy, which also establishes the think tank of web education of Silk Road that develops abundant teaching resources, provides a large number of online and offline activities of teaching and learning, and spreads Chinese cultures and stories of Xi’an on the strength of distance education of China Open University (Xi’an) and Xi’an Radio and Television University.

The academy provides the unique environment for learning Chinese and its cultures, by which students can learn Chinese in a variety of new forms such as Internet, mobile app, mix of featured cultures and customized programs. The academy also provides environment for smart learning and other resources, which include smart classroom, micro lessons of “Speaking Chinese by Visiting Xi’an”, lecture by renowned scholars of “Learning Chinese by Talking about the Silk Road”, and panorama of Xi’an local cultures through VR technology.

Zhao Liling, Vice President of Xi’an Radio and Television University, said that the school will make full use of the advanced information technology and other high quality resources as well as rich experience in distance education, to help lovers and learners of Chinese language and cultures around the world enjoy convenient, economical and diversified learning; and that at the same time the cultures and stories of Xi’an will be also made known to the world through such endeavors.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]