Shaanxi Opera Attracted More Than 100 Overseas Students


Overseas students learn the skills of Shaanxi Opera from performers of Yisushe

Each time when the arts of handkerchief, peacock feather and water sleeve were displayed, the audience would burst out such acclamation as “perfect” and “very good”. Over 120 overseas students from more than 40 countries came to the Xi’an Shaanxi Theater on the afternoon of Nov. 15. The members of Yisushe performed the Shaanxi opera and explained it to them for more than two hours, which allowed them to have deep dialogues with the ancient melody of Shaanxi. Taking advantage of this opportunity, they felt the glamour of Shaanxi opera and pondered on the cultural and epoch meaning of the traditional arts in its inheritance.

Entering the time-honored Shaanxi theater, overseas students enrolled in the Yenching Academy of Peking University from over 40 countries had close contacts with Shaanxi opera.

On the same day afternoon, a themed lecture on the art of Shaanxi opera in both Chinese and English was held in Yisushe. Hui Minli, laureate of the Plum Performance Award and proprieter of Yisushe, introduced Shaanxi opera’s origin, style, genre and its forms as well as the culture of Yisushe. Her lecture has not only enabled overseas students to form initial impression of the most time-honored opera but allowed the public to know the scenes of life and values of local people.

After the listening session, interaction between performers and overseas students were conducted, which arouse the interest of them. With swords in hands, they were in long sleeves and behaved like opera performers, ushering themselves in the world of traditional opera.

Of all the overseas students, Qiang Weitao stood out as the most earnest spectator. He told that he grown up in the US, but he was constantly reminded by his parents that Shaanxi was his hometown. “I have heard of Shaanxi opera but this is my first time in Yisushe and I realize that the destiny of this time-honored theatre was in close connection with the development of the times. I benefited a lot from learning the cultural heritage of Shaanxi opera,” he said.

Traditional Chinese arts place equal prominence on “going out” and “inviting in”. As far as the staff of the Xi’an Shaanxi Theater were concerned, overseas students’ close contacts with Shaanxi opera is a manifestation of “inviting in”. The team leader of the Yenching Academy of Peking University held that the field research in Xi’an would allow these overseas students to have a better understanding of China. “Reflect on the Chinese history from the perspective of multi-civilizations and feel the Chinese society from the vicissitude of its dynasties and cultures.” Wang added.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]