Royal Dutch Shell Deli2go Entered Xi’an Market



On November 13, Deli2go, a cooked food band of Royal Dutch Shell convenient store held the ribbon-cutting ceremony, representing Deli2go accessed to Xi’an market officially.

Shell has tremendous popularity in the world scale. In Shell, customers are capable of tasting brand with five-star international standards, drinking fresh ground coffee from Italy and enjoying considerate service.

Xiao Gang, General Manager of Yanchang and Shell Petroleum Company Limited, said, “The ever-increasing demand for the experience of the gas station provides a good opportunity to introduce Deli2go into Xi’an market. We hope that car owners can enjoy delicacy when refueling.”

The aim of introducing Deli2go into Xi’an market is to bring the operation experience of Deli2go to Shaanxi and offer more high-quality choices to customers. Furthermore, Shell will spare no effort to explore the differential development mode in industry market.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]