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Software reconstructs the world and defines the future

Programmers, as builders of the digital world, are devoted to changing our life with digits and promoting reform and social development.

On November 9 and 10, the First Global Programmers’ Festival opened in Xi’an.

During this festival, concepts of Xi’an, software information industry and Programmers’ Festival will converge in the name of “programmers” to link the anciet Silk Road to a future digital Silk Road by inheriting the pioneering and courageous spirit in the information age.

Seek for development of the software industry and the digital Silk Road

The first global Programmers’ Festival themed “Coding the Future”, which is sponsored by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and organized by Xi’an Software Park and Chinasoft International, will create a big feast for programmers.

Li Yi, member of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and party secretary of the Hi-tech Zone and Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base, stated that the first global Programmers’ Festival would offer a multi-level communication platform for global software IT talents and establish the channel for the digital Silk Road. Besides, it will promote economic and cultural cooperation between Xi’an and countries along the Belt and Road, showing the confidence and determination of setting up the first-level software in China.

The first global Programmers’ Festival involved plenty of activities, such as the main forum, sub forums, carnival and so on. During these activities, many delegations came to Xi’an, discussing methods to make Xi’an a future Silicon Valley along the Silk Road.

During the festival, Xi’an will explore how to develop the software industry by sizing the opportunity of the Belt and Road initiative and converging the high-tech industries and talents. As a result, this event is not only deemed to reach the international height but also display the “depth of China” and the “excellence of Xi’an”.

Xi’an is becoming more and more attractive to programmers

Cen Zhen, the president of Chinasoft International HSBC Business Line, said, “The first global research and development centre of HSBC was set up in Xi’an for it was the focal point for talents in the Northwest Region. To our delight, Xi’an has begun to lead the world in such technologies as face recognition, mobile payment and virtual teller machine. We hope that more innovations of Xi’an will go abroad.”

“After graduating from Xi’an Jiaotong University, I chose to stay in Xi’an for its human atmosphere and for its software industry later.” Hao Longbao, the president of Chinasoft International Huawei Business Line, said. “Actually, I’m extremely attracted by Xi’an Hi-tech Zone. So, after working in Xi’an for several years, I also witnessed the growth of Xi’an high-tech zones. Therefore, without it, Xi’an software industry will have no future.”

Hao said excitedly, “When it comes to the Programmers’ Festival, programmers around are filled with exultation for it makes them feel programmers are capable of being respected by others and allows people have more communication about their technology.”

“Choosing Xi’an as the first station is due to its humanities at first, but equally important is Xi’an has the ability to offer a marvelous environment to scientific and technological workers.”

ThoughtWorks is a global first-level software design and customization company with 29 offices in 12 countries and its headquarters located in Chicago, USA. Zhang Song, its General Manager in China said, “We are glad to see that more and more large technology companies settle in Xi’an and make contributions to the advancement of Xi’an.”

Hu Chun, a senior cloud computing architect in Product Planning and Management Department of Chinasoft International Business Group, said, “When Huawei Xi´an Institute was founded, its staff chooses to stay in Shenzhen or Xi´an after training for about 1 year. At that time, people all chose Xi´an for it is more charming for many talents.”

He also said, “The condition of programmers used to be closed, but cloud computing changed it for there will be more partnerships between programmers. Additionally, programmers are needed behind the unmanned supermarket and drive. In the future, it may become the last irreplaceable job.”

Government released many policies to provide high-quality environment for companies and individuals, attracting and detaining more talents. Consequently, Xi´an has become a warm home for programmers.

Build an innovative city on the Silk Road and construct a Silicon Valley in West China

As the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi'an processes unsurpassed geographical advantages, strong developmental industry for software industry and human resources. Xi'an has converged innovative elements, high-end industry and technological talents. In 2016, Xi'an has ranked the fifth of 146 hi-tech zones of national level and its software information service industry even broke through regional boundary and started to serve people in the world scale.

Xi'an Software Park, founded in 1998, is a special park for Xi’an Hi-tech Zone to develop the software information service industry and cultural innovation industry. In 2016, the software and information service industry in Xi’an Hi-tech Zone grossed RMB 199.402 billion, and the amount of industries and enterprises achieved 2043 with the number of employees of 165100.

Chinasoft International, as a leading domestic large comprehensive software and information service enterprise, has settled a project in the Software New Town of Xi’an Hi-tech Zone. Dr. Chen Yuhong, CEO and chairman of the board of Chinasoft International, said, “The future goal of Chinasoft International is to help Xi'an become Chinese Bangalore and advance regional pillar industry, prompting Xi'an be a global software renowned city.”

This year, by accelerating the process of inland reform and opening-up, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone implemented the “5882” strategy, i.e. to implement eight ten-billion level base strengthening projects, build eight hundred-billion level industrial clusters and to achieve two thousand-billion level goals. As the front of the third entrepreneurship in Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi´an Cloud Software Park will grow into the main battlefield of transformation and upgrading for software service industry, advancing great-leap-forward development for Xi´an software and information service industry and building the Xi´an image of a Chinese software famous city.

A new round of scientific and technological reform and industry transformation are on the way. Furthermore, the first global Programmers' Festival will stimulate Xi'an energy again and speed up the industrial upgrading, striving to make Xi'an a Silicon Valley along the Silk Road.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]