22 Academicians and 648 Entrepreneurs Present at the Global Hard & Core Technology Conference 2017

On November 3, the Press Office of Xi’an Municipal Government held the Press Conference of Xi’an Global Hard & Core Technology Conference 2017. In the press conference, deputy mayor Fang Guanghua said that the preparations for Xi’an Global Hard & Core Technology Innovation Conference in 2017 went well, which will be held in Xi’an on November 7 and 8.

Up to now, more than 1000 guests have confirmed to attend the opening ceremony, and more than 5,000 people will attend the conference, including 22 academicians, and a group of famous figures will be invited to attend the conference such as Dong Mingzhu from GREE, Terry Gou from Hon Hai Precision Industry, Wang Wei from SF EXPRESS, Xu Yulin from Iflytek, Xiao Jun from Jingdong Group, Silicon Valley investor Steve Hoffman, Nobel Prize winner Edward Moser, the father of “Internet of Things” Kevin Ashidun.

Xi’an Declaration of the Global Hard & Core Technology will be released

With “Hard & Core Technology Changes the World, Leads the Future and Develops Xi’an” as its theme, the conference, which was focused on the hard & core technology “the Eighth Route Army” (8 industries with great development and huge potentials based in Xi’an) hosted 16 sessions of activities including the opening ceremony and the summit forum and 15 sub-forums. The main events will be held from November 7th to 8th. Among them, the Biotechnology Forum was successfully held in Qujiang on October 27.

On the Opening Ceremony and Summit Forum, Xi’an policies will be released to support the development of Hard & Core Technology industry, as well as Xi’an Declaration of Hard Technology and the urban development index of Hard & Core Technology. The “Creation Echoes China” activity will be launched. What’s more, leaders of state ministries and commissions, Nobel prize winners, academicians, well-known entrepreneurs and other important guests will be invited to make keynote speeches.

The number of participants will exceed 5,000

It is reported that the World’s First Conference on Hard & Core Technology, which will be held in Xi’an, has a wide impact at home and abroad. Deputy Mayor Fang Guanghua says that up to now, more than 1,000 people have confirmed to attend the Opening Ceremony, and more than 5,000 people will attend the conference. We will invite 22 representatives, 648 entrepreneurs and 211 investors, including Dong Mingzhu, Terry Gou, Wang Wei, Xu Yulin, Xiao Jun, Steve Hoffman, Edward Moser, Kevin Ashton and other well-known figures.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]