Hard & Core Technology Settles in Xi´an

Saphlux Company, established in Yale University, has opened a new age for the next generation of solid-state lighting by mass production of new semi-polarity gallium nitride. “Saphlux will be registered in Xi´an due to Xi’an’s powerful hard & core technology strengths and semiconductor incubation platform provided by Shaanxi Institute of Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit,” said Chen Chen, chairman and general manager of Saphlux.
The company’s products hit the industry by financing US 11 million dollars after the second round financing.

Chen Chen completed his doctorate at the age of 24 and then became a MBA at Yale University and a post doctor at Harvard University. When working in Schlumberger, one of the world´s top 500 companies, he developed a drill ONYX360 and won many honors. But, he was not content with that. Afterwards, he set up his own company under the support of Innovation Center of Yale University, acquiring acceptance from lots of famous investment institutions at home and abroad and financing US 11 million dollars after two rounds. So the value of his company was up to more than RMB 200 million yuan.

In May 2017, Saphlux settled down in Shaanxi Institute of Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit and launched a 4-inch (20-21) substrate material with semi-polarity officially in November, which will be produced and sold at the end of 2017.

Its brightness can be up to 10 times than before to solve the problem of batch production.

According to Chen Chen, the first generation of solid-state lighting at the core of semiconductor luminescent materials, invented by Shuji Nakamura in the 1990s, had reached the limit of its brightness; so, large-size semi-polar materials developed in June would technically solve the problem of mass production.

Since this product gained popularity, Chen Chen´s team lacked the ability to satisfy the need of industrialized production.

Chen Chen sighed that much money be needed because the hard & core technology development was quite different from what other software companies were doing. From his viewpoint, the product has a huge potential in domestic market for its can close about 30 medium-sized thermal power plants and be beneficial to reduce haze. 

 “We need to be proficient in our technology and perform the simplest business model,” Chen said.  On February 14, 2017, five millions of US dollars were invested into product development. As a result, the product has entered markets of Chinese mainland, South Korea, Europe and Taiwan (China) except Japan.

Chen Chen preferred scientific research ability in Xi´an and his company achieved the stage of mass production from laboratory only by one step.  

Chen Chen´s team is researching laser with semi-polarity and semiconductor now. Meanwhile, they are planning to establish an academy to carry out secondary development in terms of technical education, service and product.

Chen Chen said, “Xi´an provides the best equipment for us, so it is lucky for our team to achieve the transformation from laboratory to the stage of mass production only by one step.”

Chen Chen, as a representative of a hard & core technology company, believed that Xi´an is a marvelous place to develop the hard & core technology for its satisfactory atmosphere.

Additionally, he indicated that Xi´an is the cradle of talent in the area of the hard & core technology for it has some powerful research institutes and universities.

Chen Chen said firmly, “Our technology has reached international advanced standards. In the future, we will launch a new generation of materials and new products. Hope that our new materials will bring reform to industry rapidly.”

[Source:Xi´an Daily]