Shaanxi Grand Theater held an Opening Ceremony Yesterday More than one thousand artists participated in the opening ceremony from 17 countries and regions.



Sparkling Shaanxi Grand Theater On night

As the key cultural project of Shaanxi Province and Xi'an city, Shaanxi Grand Theater opened Last night which foreshadows the leading performance platform combing the best domestic and western platform with the best software and hardware had formally entered Shaanxi's cultural industry and step on the surpassing road.

The opening of Shaanxi Grand Theater was a great event in Shaanxi cultural fields, indicating a splendid chapter of the leap-forward development of Shaanxi cultural industry as well as the implementation of the spirits of 19th Party Congress, and important achievement of accelerating the development of Silk road cultures.
Located in the southwest of Zhenguan Square, Sleepless Datang City, Xi'an Qujiang New District, Shaanxi Grand Theater covers a total planned construction area of 51,800 square meters and a total investment of about 1.3 billion yuan and it is one of the ten landmarks of cultural facilities in Shaanxi Province.  
Covering 1902 opera halls and 526 theater halls with the total number of seats second only to the National Grand Theater, Shanghai Grand Theater Art Center and the newly-built Jiangsu Grand Theater, Shaanxi Grand Theater ranks fourth in the whole country and the the first in the mid-west of China. Along with the Xi'an Concert Hall which has been in operation for seven years,together forms the "Shaanxi Performing Arts Center" which meet various forms of cultural performances and fill the gap of no large-scale opera performance facilities in Shaanxi Province.  It is the most excellent and largest art venue in western China. Similarly as the cosmopolitan culture hall of Xi'an, it is furnished with the world-class design of acoustic-optic stage and fashion and modern style, together embodying the cultural taste and urban strength of Xi’an. Not only does it expose Shaanxi people an access to the world art as a window, but also provides an art platform for the world to know about Shaanxi cultures.
Last night, opera "Turandot"  first time successfully performed in Shaanxi Grand Theater.  The magnificent visual effects and beautiful music amazed the audience and aroused their emotions, and also brought the audience a closer experience and feelings to the the original unfamiliar Italian opera.

It is reported that Shaanxi Grand Theater opening ceremony performances covered five categories including opera, drama, dance, music and art .From the 28th of October, a total of 69 artists and art groups performed on stage with 121 performances plus 24 master classes with more than 1000 artists from 17 countries participated in the Opening ceremony.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]