2017 Xi’an International Marathon Starts, Attracting 20 Thousand Runners



At 7:30 am, the 2017 Xi’an International Marathon starts!

On October 28, the 2017 Xi’an International Marathon starts from the Yongning Gate (the South Gate of Xi’an City Wall), which attracts 20 thousand marathoners from 26 countries and regions, thus far the highest level of Marathon event ever held in Xi’an.

Alemayehu Mekonen LEMA from Ethiopia and Khishigsaikhan GALBADRAKH from Mongolia won the championship of full marathon for men and women respectively.


2017 Xi’an International Marathon started at the Yongning Gate, Xi’an

The race consists of full marathon (42.195km), half marathon (21.0975km) and mini marathon (4.5km). All three marathons start from the Yongning Gate of Xi’an City Wall, but the full marathon ends at the Yudao Square of Daming Palace National Heritage Park, the half marathon at Zhonghe Square of Qujiang Heritage Park, and the mini-marathon at the west gate of Northwest University. The route passes through tourism attractions, universities and business districts including the Bell Tower, the West Street, Northwest University, Xiaozhai, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Daming Palace National Heritage Park.

Runners arrival at the Bell Tower
All marathoners assembled in the early morning, ready to break through personal limits and conquer the 42 km race.



People get up early to cheer for marathoners