Turandot to BePremiered in Xi’an on Oct 28



Premiere Conference

On the evening of October 19, the premiere conference of a locally composed opera Turandot by Shaanxi Performing Arts Center (SNPAC) was held at Xi'an Concert Hall, at which Rico Saccani, Grand Slam winner of the world's top ten opera houses as well as Principal Guest Conductor of the Hungarian State Opera, world class directors, stage designers, choral conductor, leading actors, symphony orchestra and choral staff met thousands of Xi’an audience and introduced the rehearsal of Turandot.

The premiere of Turandot at SNPAC brings honor to artists

Being a member of an international opera team and performing on the opera’s premiere at an art center in western China have become a crucial moment in their acting career for most of the foreign artists.

Rico Saccani, the principal conductor remarked that the premiere of Turandot at SNPAC is an exceptional occasion for me personally and will be of great importance for my career.

It’s the first time for Elizabeth Blake Biggs (soprano) to visit China and she finds her life in Xi’an pleasant and comfortable. She has great expectations for the premiere of Turandot: “our main team consists of world famous professionals including directors, conductors, stage designers, and I’m honored to join the performance at SNPAC.” Mark Bertie (tenor) said to Xi’an audience: “I’ve performed at almost all the famous opera houses in the world such as the Metropolitan Opera House. 10 years ago I began to sing the role of Calaf, during the process of which I’ve met people in different places and I’ve changed a lot accordingly. I’m so excited that my career takes me to Xi’an, an ancient oriental capital.”

This is the 6th time for Roberto Scandiuzzi (bass) to play opera in China. He considered that the premiere of Turandot at SNPAC would be an exceptional experience for him.

Turandot has been rendered as a fairy tale in Xi’an

On October 28, Turandot will be staged at SNPAC. As an integration of Chinese and Western elements, what will Turandot be like?

Director Fabio Sparvoli revealed that the Turandot at SNPAC is elaborately composed. As an opera inspired by a fairy tale, we render the opera back into a fairy tale in which the prince Calaf and the princess Turandot fell in passionate love after a tender kiss. This kiss has change the heart of Turandot and revealed fully the theme of the fairy tale as a complete culture story. The beautiful Shaanxi Performing Arts Center is a gift for Xi’an audience. In Q&A session, the humorous replies by conductor, director and leading actors to questions about the plot, cultural differences between the East and the West and the challenges in composing Turandot showed their high expectation and confidence and brought the house down for high professional standard and their passion for opera.

The Jasmine Chorus performed by Xi'an Concert Hall Children's Choir pushed the night to a climax and brought the house down again, drawing the premiere conference to an end.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]