Artists from 16 Countries Create Printmaking Works in Xi’an



30 artists from 16 countries gathered in Xi’an to establish an international platform for printmaking

The 4th “China Xi’an International Printmaking Workshop” was officially launched at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. Within 10 days, more than 30 experts and artists from 20 universities in 16 countries would establish an international printmaking platform in form of creation, teaching and academic research through printmaking creation, theme exhibition and forum.

Chinese printmaking was introduced to Europe through the Silk Road as early as 868 AD. Established in 2007 and as an activity of one regular secession every 3 years, the International Printmaking Workshop sponsored by Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts has been successfully held for 3 times. At the launching ceremony of the 4th workshop, Guo Xianlu, the President of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts remarked that the International Printmaking Workshop, based on its development of a decade, has strengthened academic exchange among art academies both home and abroad and cooperation in printmaking teaching and academic research, with students learning printmaking as its major beneficiaries.

At the launching ceremony, the printing out of logo poster has started the 10-day site creation activity jointed presented by 30 experts and artists including Prof. Federico Bacher, Argentina National University of the Arts; Prof. Michael Kempson of Art & Design, University of New South Wales, Australia; Prof. Ingrid Ledent, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium; Prof. Kong Guoqiao, China Academy of Art. By presenting distinguished regional elements and personalized property and integrating different artistic concepts and unique techniques into a synchronized space, they will enliven the modern printmaking creation and teaching.

According to the press, in addition to site printmaking creation by artists both home and abroad, the activity also includes printmaking exhibition by students from Academies of Fine Arts all over the world, “the 4th China Xi’an International Printmaking Exhibition” and the publication of The 4th China Xi’an International Printmaking Album.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]