Thousands of Renowned Artists Attend the Opening Season of Shaanxi Opera House

Interior of Shaanxi Opera House

The Shaanxi Opera House, a key project for Xi’an Municipal Government’s “Musical City” initiative and the largest and most advanced theatre in China’s northwest, has been completed and will launch a new season of performance on October 28th.
The Largest and Most Advanced Theatre in Northwest China

Covering an area of 34 mu and a total construction footage of 52 thousand sqm, Shaanxi Opera House has a 1902-seat opera house and a 526-seat theatre in five floors, with three floors above ground and two below. It is a large public arts facility combining offerings of opera, theatre, musical performances, cultural and artistic exchanges. Shaanxi Opera House is the fourth largest theatre in China, next only to the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, the Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center, and the newly-opened Jiangsu Grand Theatre; and it is the largest theatre in Northwest China. 
The exterior of the Shaanxi Opera House is in the Tang Dynasty style, while the interior has the simple elegance of the North-European style. In the lobby are dozens of decorations, paintings, and sculptures from American, British, China Hong Kong, Beijing, and local Xi’an artists, adding more artistic appeal to the theatre.
The opera house inside the Shaanxi Opera House was designed with standards of an international professional opera house. The design was commissioned from renowned acoustics experts, the Marshall Jazz Group, winner of the Sabine Awards, to ensure the ideal sound effect in the space. During a performance, even audience sitting far from the stage could enjoy clear and robust music.
Five types of shows during the opening season

 The opening season of the Shaanxi Opera House will offer a diverse selection of performances, including opera, theatre, dance, and music. There will be more than 500 shows this season, the fifth most numerous in any Chinese art venue.
Starting on October 28th, during the four-month-long season, there will be 69 artists and performance groups performing at the Shaanxi Opera House, showcasing a total of 121 performances, plus 24 Master Class Lectures. More than 1000 artists from 17 countries and regions will take the stage. The Shaanxi Opera House is the first large opera house in China to launch a self-produced opera.

Turandot will be the first opera performance at the Shaanxi Opera House, which was produced by a world-class team in three years. The premiere of the self-produced opera also heralds the Shaanxi Opera House as a leader in art-production, stage techniques, art direction, and marketing operation in the industry.