The China-US Maker Tour Starts in Xi’an: 21 International Experts Share Inventing Expertise

The China-US Maker Tour will begin on Oct 17th in Xi’an. Designed to promote Chinese and American makers’ exchange, cultivate creativity and international cultural partnerships, the China-US Maker Tour is an event co-hosted by the Science and Technology Resource Center of Shaanxi Province, Nibaspace, and Sichuangyi Incubator. The godfather of the maker movement, Mitch Altman, as well as 20 other internationally renowned makers will arrive in Xi’an to share their invention experience. The event will be a platform for makers to share and learn, promote a deeper exchange between Chinese and American makers, and improve the cultural collaboration between the two countries.

Event Time: October 17th
Event Location: No. 10, Zhangba 5th Road, the Science and Technology Resource Center, Shaanxi Province
VIPs in Attendance:


Mitch Altman

Godfather of the Maker Movement and founder of Noisebridge, Mitch Altman hails from San Francisco, America. In his 50s, Altman has spent 30 years of his life in Silicon Valley. He is a legendary inventor whose roles include inventor, hacker, educator, entrepreneur, maker, and cultural missionary.


Jonas Karlsson

Co-founder of Noisebridge. Karlsson is planning the first makers’ space in Sydney; worked at GoogleWave; founded DimSumLabs in Hong Kong; co-founder of Xinchejian of Shanghai.

Rafael Camera Santos

Manager of the largest makers’ forum in Brazil. Innovated open-source hardware in Brazil.





The vent will offer a makers’ sharing space, round-tables, and team discussions etc. In addition, winning teams from the Xi’an competition site of the 2017 China-US Maker Tour will attend the event to share and exchange ideas.