Shangguan Jiqing Met with Copenezi Ann, Mayor of Lyon

Mayor Shangguan Jiqing met with Lyon mayor George Copenezi Ann on Sep. 27 local time.
Shangguan first thanked Copenezi Ann for his support of “la journée de Xi’an” in the Sino-French Cultural Forum, he then expressed that he would learn its successful experience so that the next one to be held in Xi’an would also be a success. The Xi’an mayor sincerely welcomed Copenezi Ann in advance to the third Sino-French Cultural Forum. He hoped that on the basis of the deepened cultural cooperation, the two countries would widen cooperation in economy, education, preservation of cultural relics etc.
Copenezi Ann responded that he was expecting Lyon and Xi’an would soon establish relationship of sister cities so that the two cities achieve a win-win situation in their cooperative fields.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]