Welcome Italian Teenagers to Xi’an-Interview with Zhu Yuhua, the special envoy of Pompeii


Zhu Yuhua, the special envoy of Pompeii in Italy, told our reporter in an exclusive interview during the Roundtable of Cities alongside the Silk Road Economic Belt of the 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum held on the morning of September 22, that he wished Xi’an and Pompeii could open up towards the young people a new touristic product that features the Silk Road so as to attract more Italian young people to Shaanxi and Xi’an to learn more about the amazing Chinese historical culture.
During the Roundtable of the Forum, Zhu Yuhua made four specific suggestions over deeper exchanges between Xi’an and Pompeii, each of which is of mutual benefit and friendship under the “One Belt and Road” initiative.
Xi’an and Pompeii of Italy are both famous historic cities. In as early as the 8th century BC, Pompei, which used to be a small fishing village and a natural harbor in Mediterranean, gradually developed into a city. Decades later, it was swarmed with merchants and became the second largest city in Italy after Rome. Zhu Yuhua said, “The starting point of the Silk Road is in Xi’an. Two thousand years ago, Xi’an and Pompeii were both prosperous cities alongside the Silk Road, which means they must have some exchanges at that time. In the recent archaeological excavation in Pompeii, Chinese porcelain shards were found, which fully proves that Xi’an and Pompeii had communication in ancient times.
Zhu Yuhua considered the “One Belt and Road” initiative a very important opportunity for Pompeii and hoped that Pompeii could exchange its new ideas and suggestions through the platform provided by the Euro-Asia Economic Forum.
Since 2007, Xi’an and Pompeii have established the relationship as sister cities for exactly 10 years until now. During the 10 years, Zhu Yuhua has witnessed what both Xi’an and Pompeii have achieved in cultural and touristic exchanges. Zhu Yuhua said that Xi’an Tourism Bureau had been to Pompeii for communication just two months ago and reached lots of agreements with Pompeii on tourism. He hoped that the communication between the two cities should not only be confined to culture and tourism, but also industry, agriculture, science, technology, and the spirit of craftsman, all of which are the characteristics shared by both cities.
   The history of Italy is destined to have fostered many hundred-years-old enterprises. The professional dedication of Italian craftsmen and the research sprit in their own profession are the reasons why many of their products eventually become artworks which are quite abundant in Italy. It is hoped that the Italian spirit of craftsmanship and the high-quality products could be introduced to Xi’an from Pompeii through the Silk Road.
The purpose of his visiting Xi’an this time, as he told the reporter, is to study and learn the spiritual connation of the “One Belt and Road” initiative. “We have known that we could do much, but are not sure about how to do it.” said Zhu Yuhua. With the platform provided by the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Zhu Yuhua and his delegation could learn quite a lot from Xi’an government.
“I think tourism is a great platform, which could promote mutual understanding and trust and eventually lay a foundation for mutual economic cooperation.” said Zhu Yuhua. He suggested that a new touristic product be opened up featuring the Silk and Road between Xi’an and Pompeii. Western young people have the custom of engaging in study tours during their summer and winter vacation, during which they could broaden their horizons abroad. Zhu Yuhua hoped that Xi’an, which is also a famous city with historical culture, could attract more young people from Italy to visit Shaanxi and Xi’an to learn more about the amazing Chinese historical culture.
The delegation of Pompeii, as Zhu Yuhua disclosed to the reporter, had already had further discussions over some details of his suggestion and many agreements had already been reached between the two cities. He believed that there would be more young people going out from Italy to travel and learn in Xi’an during the summer vocation of 2018. He would also bring the achievements of this Forum back to Pompeii, where he would introduce the events of the Forum, Shaanxi and beautiful Xi’an through the media.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]