The Silk Road Transnational Enterprises Cooperation Summit & the Signing Ceremony for Investment Projects of the Euro-Asia Economic Forum Held in Xi’an-Wang Yongkang and Xie Rongbin address in the ceremony

Silk Road Transnational Enterprises Cooperation Summit Signing Ceremony for Investment Projects of the Euro-Asia Economic Forum took place in Xi’an on the afternoon of September 22.
Wang Yongkang, a member of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi and secretary of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, and Xie Rongbin, deputy editor in chief of Global Times, addressed the signing ceremony. Shangguan Jiqing, the mayor of Xi’an, Yu Hongjun, the vice chairman of the CPAPD (Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament), Cao Heping, professor from School of Economics of Peking University, and Fang Hengye, CEO of water affairs of SUEZ NWS, made keynote speeches. Municipal leaders Lu Kai, Li Yuan and Wang Huanchang attended the ceremony.
In Wang Yongkang’s address, he said that Xi’an was a gateway city and important node in the “Belt and Road” initiative. It has ushered in the golden time of development with overlapped new opportunities from Free Trade Zone and construction of international metropolis and national central cities. At present, new policies on human resource, registered permanent residence, innovation and entrepreneurship is increasingly vitalizing and optimizing the environment for living, working and traveling in Xi’an, which has become a popular place for overseas companies to invest and for young people to innovate and start a business here.
Wang Yongkang shared the story of HNA group’s settlement and rapid development in Xi’an. He said that Xi’an and the enterprises along the Silk Road as well as their entrepreneurs shared the same new development opportunities, and that he sincerely welcomed enterprises from all over the world to understand Xi'an, invest in Xi'an, and further exchange and cooperate with Xi'an in various fields.
Xie Rongbin said in his address that the “Belt and Road” initiative had brought in new opportunities for Xi’an’s development. He hoped that this summit would help Xi’an serve its development of the “Belt and Road”, build an international cooperation platform and earn the utmost fame for China.
Shangguan Jiqing said that Xi’an, with its six outstanding advantages in national strategy, location, innovation resources and cultural tourism resources, was willing to enhance cooperation with enterprises along the Silk Road to better fulfill the “Belt and Road” initiative, and that Xi’an would, as always, adhere to the idea of pro-business and try its best effort to support enterprises with best service for their continuous development.
Yu Hongjun said in his speech that risk aversion was imperative when pushing forward the “Belt and Road” initiative. We should also have risk awareness, safety guarantee and precaution when bravely embracing opportunity and financial benefits.
During the summit, Xi’an has signed contracts of relevant projects with SUEZ NWS, Weiyang District, Joint Business Operation Company of Zhejiang Businessmen in Shaanxi, Qujiang New District and Qinling Mountains National Botanical Garden, High Tech Zone and International Technology Transfer Cooperation Network.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]