National Geography Meets Xi’an-Old Photos of “Xi’an Memory” to Exhibit in the National Day Holiday


Speaking of National Geography, what flashes in your mind? The amazing natural scenery, the close-up of animals, the world famous humanistic features, the heavily polluted virgin forest, or the fantastic wonders of science? What instantly appears from most people’s memories is probably the Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geography in 1985. The green eyes that are full of fear and doubt, along with the red cloak, became many people’s deepest memory of that period of time and that place. Yesterday, this famous photo, together with other classical works from National Geography since its first issue, was exhibited in Qujiang Bookstore for the first time.
Themed on “The distance between the world and you is only one photo”, the exhibition makes a comprehensive introduction to the 129-year development of National Geography since its first issue in 1888, and presents 131 pieces of classical photos that are selected from 15 million all over the world. These photos, having been categorized into 7 themes, including the Songs of Life, the Depths of Danger, the Anger of the Earth, Exploration of Human Culture, Science, Photographic Classics, and Memory of Xi'an, vividly shows the geographical features and the global changes that have been recorded by National Geography from a unique perspective for over 100 years. Among the exhibited photos, there are many firsts, like the first outdoor photo published in 1889, the first photo of wildlife taken at night in 1900, the first close-up of a wild zebra and the first chromophotograph of the seabed in 1927. Each photographic work tells in words a story behind it and is noted with its shooting place. The exhibition will last from September 16 to November 15.
However, a planned exhibition of Xi’an in the past is still under preparation. The sponsor said that, as a gift to Xi’an, this special part of exhibition is still being produced by the relevant departments of National Geography and will be exhibited during the National Day holiday. The exhibited photos which are meticulously selected from this magazine’s photo bank will definitely bring different memories of Xi’an to its citizens.
In this picture, a citizen is appreciating the classical photos from National Geography in Qujiang Bookstore.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]